Aug. 10th, 2011

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Well, folks, here it is. My brand spanking new website and blog. Take a look around and marvel! (Or not. As you will.)

Buoyed by the news that Every Night Erotica was to publish my short piece “Ripe Fruit” (you can find it here, and with the approaching publication of the anthology Erotica Apocrypha from Freaky Fountain Press, I decided to finally get this site to a presentable state.

So, why a website and blog?

Whilst I have yet to be published in a big way – though I am proud of my small but growing publication record – the word on the winds of the internet tells me that all writers really need a website these days (how China MiĆ©ville manages with just a tumblr account I’ll never know. Wait, that’s because he’s highly decorated and critically acclaimed. Never mind.)

I’d like to think I’m not purely doing this as part of a trend/marketing purposes/because-the-king-of-the-potato-people-told-me-to. I have an instinct for archiving material, for keeping it together in one ordered place, and hey, these websites are all rather fun, right?

So, this new blog, what will it be all about? Two things mostly; writing, and dragons. I also have an erotic web serial in the planning stages, which you will hear more about in the coming weeks, but for now, here is the posting schedule.

Sunday: an update on my own writing. The length of this will vary – I foresee long rambling posts, as well as one word expletives in the future.

Wednesday: Writing anxieties. Which doesn’t sound like the most inspiring of series, but it occurred to me that all over the web are a ton of writing advice sites, you-go-get’em posts, publicity advice, how to use social media to your advantage, the perils and highs of publishing, etc. There are very few, however, about those freakouts and fears that most writers are prone to. These aren’t posts about wallowing in self-pity (though there’ll be a bit of that no doubt) but rather to express the worries and doubts and maybe reach out to people who share them.

Friday: Dragon Day. As many of my friends and family will know I’ve have years in the process of a novel affectionately referred to as ‘the Dragon Novel’, about PhD students studying dragons. The research for the novel sparked an interest in dragons themselves, and it seems that, while the novel itself is on a bit of a hiatus, I can keep up my interest by blogging about some facet of them. And there are many. Be prepared for images, film reviews, info about the most famous of the creatures, and other such flotsam so befitting your everyday draconologist.

And that’s it. Feel free to comment away – I’m leaving comments unmoderated for now, please keep things civil else I may have to change that. Which would be sad.

But before I go completely, some thanks to folks for helping me get this site up: Amanda, for generously allowing me to share her webspace. Katharina, for the photographs of me in on the Biography and Contact pages. Ana Laura, for her illustrations on “Red by the River”, and the promise of more to come.

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Well folks, some good news from me.

* First, have had a short piece published on Every Night Erotica: "Ripe Fruit". My brief description for it is: Summer fruits and fears of a lover parting. Contemporary erotica, older man/younger woman with a touch of the possessive. You can read it, comment on the website or even rate it you want. :)

* Secondly, my website now live! The url is here: I welcome feedback, good or bad.

* Third, as part of the site, I've launched a new blog. See here for the very first post: Blog

And that's it for now. 'tis a small start, but am quite happy with it. :)
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As a writer just starting to get work published, though one whose been writing for a long time, this seemed like an appropriate place to start.

Will I succeed? It’s a thought that plagues all writers at some point. Even the most arrogant, because unless they are actually delusional, those who are so full of themselves and sure of their talent have their moments of doubt too. Trust me on this.

The thoughts that go through our heads on this topic are vast and numerous. Will I succeed, we think, as we read about the latest book deal for thousands of dollars or pounds for that awesome debut novel that everyone in the publishing industry is talking about. Will I succeedd, when the print and online media, writing blogs, publishing blogs, and off the cuff twitter remarks declare how hard it is to get published in today’s world, how the whole scene is changing with the uptake of eBooks and eReaders. Will I succeed, thinks the script writer, wondering who the hell amongst the people they know might have a line to someone who can get films made or plays produced, because it’s all about connections, don-cha-know? Will I succeed, when we look at the top ten best-sellers and wonder if our work just doesn’t fit any kind of marketable mould that could be sold.

Then we open up our word documents, stare at the blank page, and the fear of not succeeding, that all our efforts will be for nought, that we could put years and years of work into this and get precisely no where…and it paralyses us. (Or me at least.)

And that’s just the question of publication and production. Getting that first foot in the door is one thing, but then after that…you begin to wonder what actually counts as success. Am I successful, for instance? In some people’s eyes, yes. I’ve been published. And that is a really wonderful feeling. But then other questions come up. Will I be read? Will people remember my work in a long time to come, or will it just be a flash in the pan? Am I successful if the critics love me but my books sell poorly, or if I make piles of money while the critics groan and wish I never put pen to paper? Which of those counts as ‘success’?

Then we make a cup of tea/preferred hot beverage and contemplate these deeper questions. We wonder what our options are. Should I go for the traditional path of agent/publisher/print book? Do I try follow in the steps of eBook success stories like Amanda Hocking? Do I try for short stories, do I focus on my novel ideas, do I seek out network connections before my work is even finished? And what’s this social networking thing over here…

So many questions…but the answers will not come. Because I won’t really know if I am successful until, well, I am. Sure, I may have some predefined set of criteria that mark success, and I’ve hit the first one of those (publication), but will I be satisfied with just good feedback from people but no monetary gain? Will I be content to rake in the dollars but also the contempt of intelligent folks I respect? Will any of what I do matter?

All I can do is keep writing, keep trying to get work published, and hope.

And try not to be so anxious about this question. ;)

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