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Been a full on week, and mostly dancing related; Tuesday teaching kicked off again, as did the Wednesday night class I go to, followed by a meeting on Thursday and a very late night dem-ing and helping run a ceilidh at a local barracks on Friday.

So today have done little that is productive. Met up with a friend for coffee, and watch Red Road in the morning on LoveFilm instant. Initially had it on my list because Tony Curran is in it (oh man, he’s lovely to look at, and on a fraction less shallow scale, impressed me as Vincent van Gough in Doctor Who and King Stephen in Pillars of the Earth), but came away exceedingly impressed with Kate Dickie’s (who I knew I’d seen before but it took a net search to realise she is Lysa Arryn in Game of Thrones performance, and curious about director Andrea Arnold’s other films. Atmospheric, beautifully made and gripping (and just to show what a one-track mind I have, it also featured a very compelling sex scene, which I suspect one wasn’t meant to find hot, but, well…Tony Curran as I said.)

(Tangentially, I wonder what Arnold was trying to say with the many inclusions of random and not so random shots of dogs – I have my thoughts but that would give away the ending a bit much and it works better not knowing where it’s all going. Update: Interesting review (with spoilers) here that theorises not only on the dogs but the use of other animals in the film.)

But, now for some more sentences.

Continued from here

Brendan reached out to Marc’s shoulder, brushing over his skin, frowning as his fingers found the scratches. “You’re hurt.”

Marc’s eyes fell to Brendan’s fingers on his shoulder. Holding the rifle and the lantern, Marc couldn’t touch him back. He shrugged. “Just scratches.”


Brendan’s gaze shifted up to the night sky. Marc followed it. In their hurry, they hadn’t noticed the moon, not quite full, hanging in a cloudless sky.

Brendan grinned. “Now there’s a thought.”

Continued here

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Stream by Monet's House

Ah wow, it's been too long since I blogged here, and now's the time to rectify that. Well, I hope. I always tell myself each new year 'I must blog more, I must blog more'. I've made a couple of decisions about my online interaction that should hopefully make that easier. I think I've been spreading myself too thin for what I can manage. So that's one thing for the new year.

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Magnolia by Pierre-Joseph Redoute

We leaned in close, or bent our heads over the display cases, eyes as close as we could to the glass so see the detail of the art work. The small gallery was quiet, reverent, only disrupted when some other museum visitors crashed through the doors with only the Vermeer exhibition in mind. They soon left us, and the floral art of Redouté and his pupils, in peace.

The details of the flowers and leaves were lovely, and not just those – you could often see the tiny legs of the settling butterflies and lady birds. I enjoyed seeing not only his work but also his students – there was one piece called Sprays of lilac which was both precise and incredibly soft.

We did also go and see the Vermeer exhibition and the collection of treasures from the Hapsburg’s, both very interesting, but the Redouté has inspired me for a new short piece. Which is both frustrating but rewarding – assuming I can write it the way I’m currently envisioning it. Something with the delicacy of touch and how something so simple as that can be stunningly sexy. We’ll see.

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Bloody hell, it's been a while since I've updated here. Or really interacted with anyone on DW - I have been reading on and off, but my attention has been diverted elsewhere for the past few months. With summer approaching and dancing things (at any rate) winding down, I may have more time to be here (though I may just be outside relishing the English sun - all that you've heard about the weather in England is true!)

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And that's about it I think...

One year on

Mar. 1st, 2010 01:01 pm
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It was a glorious morning as I set out for my work-related course today, and the sun has still decided to linger despite the few clouds that have set in. I went to a place just outside the town centre. Last I was there it started to snow on the way back, while today I happily noted the snowdrops and crocus in bloom or on the verge of doing so.

Why am I in such a good mood? Well, partly because the frantic month of February is behind me, but also because the weather and the season is exactly as it was when I arrived in the UK one year ago. From tomorrow I will have been here for a whole year. Wow.

I feel...settled now. Which is great. I spent last year figuring a few things out, how this new life was going to work, what I wanted to get out being in the UK, Cambridge in particular, what this 'actually being a writer rather than just wanting to write' thing meant. I'm still working through it all, and probably always will be - the constant need to assess and reassess one's life I suppose never goes away. But now I think I've found something of a place here, and I'm glad for that.

The Ball on Saturday night went extremely well. The club president did a great job in getting it all together and keeping us on track for the behind-the-scenes preparation, and the demo was really a lot of fun. I particularly liked seeing dancers who were, well...younger than the usual set of SCD people. ;) Next year it's on Oxford, which will be a good excuse for me to go over and see it, I think.

Yesterday I crawled out of bed and managed to get my writing done - catch up from the day before as well, and I do have to say the prose I got out was pretty garbled - some pretensions to coherency, but not much! It's probably because I'm getting into parts of the novel that I only have vague ideas about, so I think it's going to feel much more like Nanowrimo-esque writing for the next little while.

After that I trotted out for my first ladies' step dancing class which was an interesting challenge, requiring more concentration than I'm used to needing for dancing - at a regular SCD class I'm usually physically worrying about my footwork as opposed to which step, which direction. It was a lot of fun though, so I'll be heading back to it when I can.

So, March...what will this month, and indeed, this year, have install for me?
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I've been meaning for months to send an email to a lot of people with a general update. I started to write one...then decided the easiest way of doing it would be to make several blog posts here and link to them in the email. And this time, I'm actually going to do it (unlike my promise from a few months ago...)

So I'm going to do it thematically. First of, a little bit about my life in Cambridge thus far.

But to start, this needs to be said:

New Year Message )

All the best wishes to everyone for 2010!

It occurs to me that I never posted on my trip with A. earlier this year to Tasmania. It seems so long ago now, and indeed it is almost a whole year. It was a good trip, which became somewhat more adventuresome than we anticipated after our car skidded off the road, up an embankment and into a tree. Luckily, we were fine. It gave the rest of our driving around the island state a rather tense edge, but we did manage to have fun. The highlight for me was our day in Port Arthur, the historic convict site. It has remained in the back of my mind as a possibility for a writing project...but not for another few years. Mainly because I was fascinated by the fact that it was an entire functioning community, and I'm intrigued to see how everyone living there (or perhaps rather imprisoned there) interacted and affected each other.

But I ramble. One day I'll get back to Port Arthur, one day.

Life in Cambridge - cut for length )

The garden throughout 2009 - picture heavy! )

Next entry...on dancing.
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My housemate fixed up a bike that was lying about the back a few months ago. I was, however, terrified of getting on the damn thing, and kept putting off even just taking it out for a go on it. Thing with Cambridge is that you kind of need a bike as it is almost everyone's preferred method of transport (aforementioned housemate cycles 14 miles a day getting to and from work, for instance)

Happily, today I managed to take it out for a 'test run.' A bit shaky, but I'm very happy that I did it. Feels like I really accomplished something. Of late, I've felt that I have, quite perversely, been writing as an excuse to myself not to do a few housekeeping things, which includes responding to various personal emails and writing ones as well. The 'getting on the bloody bike' was included on this list, so hopefully this will signal the end of this slightly hermit-ish existence.

Additionally, I've done a number of things that I do want to post on, but I've been considering the best way to do it since a lot of time has happened since my last 'update' post (or any post in general, that is). Have decided that I should do it 'thematically' - one on writing, one on work, one on dancing, another on travels, etc. Hopefully over the new week I'll get those up, and with that I'll send out another mass email update. Though before that I should respond to the individual emails people were kind enough to send to me.

Much to do, much to do. But happily have a few days off before I'm back at work so I hope I can get some of that done satisfactorily.
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Well, here I am then. :)

I was fully expecting to have to pay for an account, but rather nicely, because I'd signed on using OpenID earlier in the week, I was very kindly delivered on yesterday. However, because I do want to support Dreamwidth, and I want my old Livejournal mood theme back, and want to add more links to the main page, I likely will be paying for space in the near future, once they/I get issues around PayPal sorted out.

So, what am I going to do here? The plan is to update this semi-regularly with posts about life in the UK (having just moved here at the beginning of March); how my writing is going; and whatever else takes my fancy. Book/film/TV reviews, rants, opinions, links, that sort of thing. It's been a long time since I blogged with any regularity, and I've missed it.

So, to start with: Script Frenzy. The aim of Script Frenzy is to write 100 pages of a script of any relevant format of your choosing (film, play, radio play, TV show, comic book script, etc.) within 30 days. This is the second or third year it has happened, and this year, I gave it a shot, and....


Script Frenzy 2009

Lesson learned:
Breaks of a couple of days at a time aren't going to cause stress. But breaks for a week or more will. My housemates can attest to me burbling about having a week to spare and 50 pages to go.

But I got there. I didn't actually finish the script (I'm at the point of 'villain is holding one of our hero's hostage and now the rest of the gang are setting out to rescue them') so that will be my plan over the next week.

Tonight I'm heading off for a Scottish Country Dancing ball. Am pleased to report that there is a very active dance community in Cambridge, though I've been not so actively involved yet because I unfortunately managed to catch two colds after arriving here, as friends who I met up in Manchester over Easter can attest to (having passed it on to one of them. Sorry dear!)

Right now, the sun is out, so I'm going to go for walk before coming back to figure out how to get to the location of the ball.


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