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I have a small backlog of posts to do (Friday's task I think), about the rest of my time in Madrid and then the few days I spent in the French Alps, but there is one thing I wanted to get out there.

Whilst I was in the alps I spent most of the time writing. I got just over 6000 words done in the three full days I was there, which was great, but more importantly...

I struck the 100,000 word mark.

Yeah, that needs to be in bold. :)

I'm very happy about this. As I've been telling people, I feel like I'm over the top of the peak, and can see a great view...though the other side of the mountain looks pretty steep and somewhat treacherous. But the finish line is in clearer sight than it ever has been, and that is very good feeling. I'm fairly confident I'll have this draft done by the end of the year, which will be fantastic.

And then there will be the rewrite and the actual, better, proper research. But I'm trying not to think about those things too much now. First priority, get Draft 1.5 done.

As a result of the productivity in the Alps (a lot of which was admittedly playing catch up with the words I didn't finish in March; still, 7700 was more than the words in February) I'm almost at my April target already. I'm sorely tempted to have a small break till May once I hit there (which will be on or before Friday) so I can have some thoughts about other projects and just other bits and bobs of life in general, dancing exam included. Then I can have a slightly heavier May with words, but that'll be alright, I think.

But now, I do need to go to bed.

(Side note: you can, if curious, always check my progress if you come to my blog itself - I keep a word count meter on the right hand side of the page. ;) )

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