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Ah wow, it's been too long since I blogged here, and now's the time to rectify that. Well, I hope. I always tell myself each new year 'I must blog more, I must blog more'. I've made a couple of decisions about my online interaction that should hopefully make that easier. I think I've been spreading myself too thin for what I can manage. So that's one thing for the new year.

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With the publication of 'Red by the River' imminent, I decided it was high time that I gave my blog a little bit of a scrub and actually make it look vaguely like a writer's blog, rather than just a place where I ramble on about things occasionally.

So, there has been a change in the colour scheme, a shiny new default icon (how I love Stoppard), links on the sidebar to make navigation easier (for me as much as a visitor), and a few master posts as well. It felt slightly strange - it's like I'm putting myself out there somehow, and it feels a little like bragging about nothing too much (not like I've actually published the novel or anything) but I think getting the set-up right now is probably a good way to go, and can be built on later.

In other news, went to a great Halloween party last night (the hosts decorated the place brilliantly and the food was delish, and have learnt a nifty way of making edible eyeballs), and got through another Ladies' Step Dancing class (teacher said my pivot turns were looking very nice, so yay! Now just for more turnout and consistently pointing toes...as usual.)
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Or even those who read the Facebook feed of this:

What would you like to see me post more of? I would really like to post more, but I tend to have half a million ideas of posts I could do, get myself into a tizz about it, and as a result end of doing nothing, which is a shame and also frustrating for me :(. Writing matters is a given, but what else do people want to see? Am currently giving my blog a bit of a re-jig and so any thoughts/suggestions would be great and thoroughly appreciated.
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Well, the good news first )

then the bad )

Dancing and Newcastle )

Me at Grey's Monument, Newcastle city centre )

In other news, I'm very happy to see the daffodils up at last; they make me very happy. See new icon for the ones that have sprung up in our barrel in the back garden, and these two pictures under the cut: Daffodils from barrel )

My orchid has also completely blossomed now, and I love it to pieces (probably the purple colour, but also the fact that following my horticulturist neighbours advice has worked!)Three pictures of my orchid )

And also, if you ever wonder what happens to potatoes if you leave them in the cupboard for ages...wonder no more )

That was an interesting thing to pull out of the pantry today!


In terms of blogging stuff, I'm itching to do an update of what turned out to be a busy first three months of 2010, which I may do after I've eaten dinner which is in the oven right now. Have happily though as a result of this post deleted a few drafts I've made as a result of attempting to blog. Makes the whole journal feel a bit 'cleaner' if you will.

At any rate, I'd like to do this before heading off to Madrid to see my sister for Easter. She has the net over there so I'll hopefully update on being there whilst I'm there, though from 8-12 April I'll be visiting a friend, K, in the French Alps, where he tells me the net is rather sparse. But I think I can cope without it for a little while. ;)

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