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After a slightly giddy and harried feeling over the past few days, it's Thursday night, which is always a rest night for me, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday being occupied with dancing. Mostly, though, a few major dancing admin-y/organising matters have been sorted out, and my head feels a lot clearer as a result. I still hold the cash box and other such things for the Reel club, though am no longer officially treasurer - instead, I'm secretary/webmaster. Meaning I hold that position (well, not webmaster for Branch) on two committees. Ah well - at least a few weeks time I'll not be fiddling with change and hoping I've counted it right!

My flashy little mouse that I've had for a few years has finally died after months of irritating me no end, so I have a nice new mouse for the lap top. That said, the aptly named 'rave mouse' on account of it's multi-coloured flashing lights can still merrily flash away, even if it doesn't serve a functional purpose anymore. ;)

Yesterday the intern (who sadly will be leaving us next week) in the department we share an office with brought those us who sit in the 'fishbowl' central area a little item called a martenitsa. Said colleague is Bulgarian, as are the martenitsas, and I thought it was a lovely gesture: So here is my martenista )

Have a busy few days coming up, so am debating whether or not to go to sleep soon and wake up earlier, or stay up later and do things now...suspect bed will win out somehow.

And now some 'back dated' blogging, but wanted to share!

To my delight last year, I discovered we had not only a Christmas tree in Harry Potter's Room (ie, the cupboard under the stairs) but baubles for decoration, lights, and even a star for the top of the tree. Yay! I said, and my housemate and I proceeded to decorate it.

And it was lovely. Except the lights we discovered were a most...interesting colour for a Christmas tree...as you will see under the cut )
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Well, the good news first )

then the bad )

Dancing and Newcastle )

Me at Grey's Monument, Newcastle city centre )

In other news, I'm very happy to see the daffodils up at last; they make me very happy. See new icon for the ones that have sprung up in our barrel in the back garden, and these two pictures under the cut: Daffodils from barrel )

My orchid has also completely blossomed now, and I love it to pieces (probably the purple colour, but also the fact that following my horticulturist neighbours advice has worked!)Three pictures of my orchid )

And also, if you ever wonder what happens to potatoes if you leave them in the cupboard for ages...wonder no more )

That was an interesting thing to pull out of the pantry today!


In terms of blogging stuff, I'm itching to do an update of what turned out to be a busy first three months of 2010, which I may do after I've eaten dinner which is in the oven right now. Have happily though as a result of this post deleted a few drafts I've made as a result of attempting to blog. Makes the whole journal feel a bit 'cleaner' if you will.

At any rate, I'd like to do this before heading off to Madrid to see my sister for Easter. She has the net over there so I'll hopefully update on being there whilst I'm there, though from 8-12 April I'll be visiting a friend, K, in the French Alps, where he tells me the net is rather sparse. But I think I can cope without it for a little while. ;)
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Do you take your creative rituals seriously?

What struck me as I read the article was not my writing rituals, but rather ones I associate with dancing. Tonight (Wednesday) was the advanced class, and it always begins with the same warm up each week. The teachers has said in the past she wishes she could bring some variation to it, but after reading the article, I was struck by the fact that the same warm-up routine, done ever week, doesn't just warm and prepare the muscles, but it also puts my mind in the right place to be dancing as best as I can.

I love the warm-up. I honestly hope our teacher doesn't change it anytime soon! :)

It also occurs to me that I have few if any writing rituals, but perhaps need some. But how to find something that doesn't feel forced/false/pretentious/useless? There's bound to be something, I know. Perhaps something else to look for this year. Actually, yes, that's precisely something fit in with what I hope to get out of 2010.
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...and thank god for that. I went for a drink with S, one of my housemates, and K, a friend of his whose become a friend of mine, last night. We met up with a couple of S work colleagues (they left far earlier than we did) and it was, as S would say, 'a good craic', but when S, K and I go drinking, we tend to a) drink far too much and b) get back to our house rather late, stay up for perhaps another half-hour to an hour, meaning the three of us finally get to sleep somewhere between 2-3am...and last night was no exception to this pattern. Fortunately for me I did stop after the third glass of red, but the fellas weren't quite so perky this morning...

'tis good fun, I have to admit. ;)

Tomorrow night R is having a fancy dress birthday party (Wizard of Oz), so tomorrow I'm going to have to get together a costume - the expectation is to go for a more creative costume, as in, preferably not one of the four who skipped up the Yellow Brick Road. Rather, come as the Yellow Brick Road...I have an idea that might work out, which will mean a reasonable wake up time for tomorrow in order to sort it out.

Have I mentioned that I'm finding it quite cold here? Am thinking the shopping for costume should be accompanied by some warmer clothes shopping as well!

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