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You all know the saying, how do you eat an elephant?

One mouthful at a time.

Am wondering if that should actually be my journal title from now on (or should that be eating the dragon...will think on that.)

I really want to make an update about what's been going on in my life for the past month and a half, because I just, you know, want to keep a record of it. But I think I'll wait till after the Highland Ball and after ladies' step class on Sunday afternoon (which will be my first one so I'm quite looking forward to it.)

In the meantime...the work event went very yesterday. Colleague who supervises me was very happy with it, so am really pleased about that, and the attendees seemed to enjoy themselves too. But wow, 90 people. I think we've got a good system now for this particular event. Now I feel I can get back into the emails I keep meaning to send, the waaay over due library books I need to read (one finished today, yes! Two more to go...boo. :( )

Luckily my writing didn't suffer too much as a result of all this. Did about 1000 words today, which was partly catch up from the 100 I didn't so on Wed or Thurs, plus today's, but also I had a think about how else to do this and produce more words more frequently. So...I'm going to experiment with the base goal of 100 words a day still, but aim on my days off, including weekends, for 500 words on those days. I initially thought I do 1000 on a Monday and a Friday, but then thought why not spread that out over the four days I'm not working? Am hoping this will be workable. Day one only so will reassess come the end of March.

But the 100 words a day plan has stood me in good stead. So far this year: 7700 new words. It doesn't seem like a lot for two months, but I have really loved checking in on the novel on a more regular basis than last year.

That's it for now, till Sunday evening...
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I've been meaning for months to send an email to a lot of people with a general update. I started to write one...then decided the easiest way of doing it would be to make several blog posts here and link to them in the email. And this time, I'm actually going to do it (unlike my promise from a few months ago...)

So I'm going to do it thematically. First of, a little bit about my life in Cambridge thus far.

But to start, this needs to be said:

New Year Message )

All the best wishes to everyone for 2010!

It occurs to me that I never posted on my trip with A. earlier this year to Tasmania. It seems so long ago now, and indeed it is almost a whole year. It was a good trip, which became somewhat more adventuresome than we anticipated after our car skidded off the road, up an embankment and into a tree. Luckily, we were fine. It gave the rest of our driving around the island state a rather tense edge, but we did manage to have fun. The highlight for me was our day in Port Arthur, the historic convict site. It has remained in the back of my mind as a possibility for a writing project...but not for another few years. Mainly because I was fascinated by the fact that it was an entire functioning community, and I'm intrigued to see how everyone living there (or perhaps rather imprisoned there) interacted and affected each other.

But I ramble. One day I'll get back to Port Arthur, one day.

Life in Cambridge - cut for length )

The garden throughout 2009 - picture heavy! )

Next entry...on dancing.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 06:58 pm
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That was a day! Major event at work, which felt a bit ominous to start with when we had to find another room at short notice a few weeks back (difficulty finding large rooms within the centre of town) but it all ran really very smoothly once it was done, and my supervisor was very happy. A few things to remember for next time, but since this was the first lunch I helped out on right from the start, I feel pretty good about it.

Will be heading out for a drink later, which I'm going to enjoy very much I think!

A couple of interesting links, in relation to the reading plan I'm thinking on.

* Daily Lit - free books emailed to you daily in small chunks

* LibriVox - free audio books to download

When I say free I do mean it; there are no hidden costs, but they only mean books that are in the public domain. This means that if you ever wanted to get caught up with some of the classics, well, they're useful places to start. I did manage to get a good way into Moby Dick last year with Daily Lit, but I think I started to get too ambitious and asked for longer chunks which was more than I could manage. So I've asked now for A Christmas Carol, is in 36 parts, and thus should finish, appropriately enough, on 6th January, which is Twelfth Night, effectively the end of the Christmas season.

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