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My housemate fixed up a bike that was lying about the back a few months ago. I was, however, terrified of getting on the damn thing, and kept putting off even just taking it out for a go on it. Thing with Cambridge is that you kind of need a bike as it is almost everyone's preferred method of transport (aforementioned housemate cycles 14 miles a day getting to and from work, for instance)

Happily, today I managed to take it out for a 'test run.' A bit shaky, but I'm very happy that I did it. Feels like I really accomplished something. Of late, I've felt that I have, quite perversely, been writing as an excuse to myself not to do a few housekeeping things, which includes responding to various personal emails and writing ones as well. The 'getting on the bloody bike' was included on this list, so hopefully this will signal the end of this slightly hermit-ish existence.

Additionally, I've done a number of things that I do want to post on, but I've been considering the best way to do it since a lot of time has happened since my last 'update' post (or any post in general, that is). Have decided that I should do it 'thematically' - one on writing, one on work, one on dancing, another on travels, etc. Hopefully over the new week I'll get those up, and with that I'll send out another mass email update. Though before that I should respond to the individual emails people were kind enough to send to me.

Much to do, much to do. But happily have a few days off before I'm back at work so I hope I can get some of that done satisfactorily.

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