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2014-10-29 08:28 pm

Release Catch-up! More Smut for Chocoholics: Eclair

More Smut for Chocoholics

Ah, chocolate. The sensuality of it has long been exploited by artist. So following in this tradition are the two ‘chocoholic’ anthologies: Smut for Chocoholics, and now More Smut for Chocoholics.

My story, “Eclair”, features that most delicious item the chocolate elcair. It took me a couple of goes to get the story right. I knew I wanted a young female connoisseur of the pastry, and I knew I wanted an older, male experienced pastry chef/chocolate-tier, and it would involve some kind of punishment for some kind of transgression. The idea of my character winning something like a golden ticket to a prestigious party allowed reference back to Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but there is no Oompah Loompah in sight in this tale.

(Has that just tempted someone to right Oompah Loompah smut? I kind of hope it will.) 😉

Oh, one last thing: my character’s Melanie and Herr Bauer are in no way shape or form I way totes promise is based (visually) on a certain pair of actors who appear in a certain Tarantino film. Nope. In no way whatsoever…

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2014-10-28 10:00 am

New Release! Strange Appetites: An Anthology of Truly Bizarre Erotic Stories

Strange Appetites

You know, I never considered myself a horror writer. But my editors at Forbidden Fiction think otherwise, and so included two of my stories, “Oasis Beckoning” and “The Ravening Season” in this anthology, Strange Appetites. 😉

So just in time for Halloween, you can read 11 dark, bizarre tales. Be warned: this is erotic horror, not paranormal erotic romance. In fact, I don’t think romance very much comes into it here. If you are after stories that embrace the darkness rather than the happily ever after, this anthology may well be for you.

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2014-10-22 09:00 am

Release Catch-up! Bi Magic

Bi Magic Cover

Not just my own in this one! While Bi Magic includes Gods Among Men, it also anthologises several other terrific stories from Forbidden Fiction. The basic theme is the same – fantasy tales with bisexual protagonists. I have included another excerpt, continuing on from last week’s post, below, but do check out the whole anthology. :)


Best Bisexual Fantasy Anthology
Edited by D.M. Atkins, Rylan Hunter and Lon Sarver

Bi Magic collects nine of ForbiddenFiction’s most popular tales of magic, mystery, romance, and of course, steaming hot sex. These high fantasy romps prove that whether you’re a man, a woman, a shapeshifter, a fairy, or a trickster god from a forgotten pantheon, you really can have it both ways.

  • Sacrifices to Ecstasy by James L. Wolf
  • The Thief’s Dungeon by Madeleine Swann
  • Chaining Flame by James L. Wolf
  • Fools Rush In by Elizabeth Schechter
  • Milk by Claryssa Berg
  • To Market by Elizabeth Schechter
  • The Snake and the Lyre by Annabeth Leong
  • Gods Among Men by Jacqueline Brocker
  • The Fair, Laudenum, and Passion by Madeleine Swann

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2014-10-15 04:17 pm

Release Catch-up! Gods Among Men

Gods Among Men

Today’s release catch-up is Gods Among Men, an m/m novella published by Forbidden Fiction.

The idea is essentially a reworking of the myth of Perun and Veles, Slavic gods who are kind of related to Thor and Loki respectively. Despite how the cover may look, I was not influenced by the Thor films, nor by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston (the story came to fruition in 2011), but hey, it works quite well in my favour I suppose.

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2014-10-14 11:00 am

New Release! Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors

Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors cover

After a massive lead up of posts at the anthology’s website, Hot Highlanders and Wild Warriors is here! This collection features 14 erotic romance stories all around the theme of knights and warriors. But don’t be deceived by the highland warrior on the front cover though – while there are highlanders to be found in its covers, there are also vikings, medieval knights, mongols in Armenia… and mine, about samurai.

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2014-10-01 10:00 am

Release Catch-up! The Ravening Season

The Ravening Season Cover

I have been somewhat lax on this site of late, failing to announce new books that have come out, not posting in general. So, for the coming Wednesday in October I’ll be announcing the books and stories that have come out over the past few (more than few in some cases…) months.

So to start, The Ravening Season.

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2014-03-14 09:01 am

South Bank Seduction FREE on Kindle until Sunday!

South Bank Seduction cover

Yay, it’s here! South Bank Seduction, An anthology of erotica from the banks of the Thames has been published on Kindle. Edited by Ruby Kiddell – who managed to edit this while also finding time to organise not one but two Eroticons in 2013 (while preparing for Eroticon 2014). Which is pretty awesome.

Sharing the pages with a bunch of great stories is my own Pulse and Flow, an m/m erotic romance set partly on top of the South Bank Centre. You can read an extract here on my site.

The great news? South Bank Seduction is FREE on Kindle until this Sunday (16 March 2014). So use one of these handy links to pick up a copy. :)

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2013-08-25 07:00 am

August Alfresco: The Scent of Summer

The Scent of Summer cover

The Scent of Summer is my upcoming erotic novella. It incorporates two typical fantasies – sleeping with the neighbour, and the age-old older man/younger woman scenario. Far from being a pure smutty story or a romance, The Scent of Summer instead seeks to explore how the heat of attraction can scorch as much as compel.


Home for summer, and left alone in her family home, Suvi is about to settle into holiday reading when she sees, across her garden and onto her neighbours’ verandah, a man she doesn’t recognise. She wants him at once, but being 19, and him close to her father’s age, she doubts he’ll think the same.

Johann, visiting his friends the Parkers from Vienna, loves the Australian summer. Especially with an enticing young woman lounging about in the garden next door. But under Mick Parker’s eye, and knowing the girl is unlikely to respond to his advances, he will not act on his desires.

When chance conspires, and Suvi and Johann are left alone, the cool of Australian beaches, the heat of summer, and hot lust cannot be denied. Nor can the realisation that what Suvi wants and Johann wants are vastly different, and that the steamiest sex and desire can also burn people to the core.

This entry is part of August Alfresco. Please see details at the bottom of this post for how to participate. Meanwhile, you can read an excerpt: applying sun screen has never been so enticing…

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2013-08-08 10:57 am

Wicked Wednesday… on Thursday: Melt, m/m, NSFW

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

Click the banner to see who else is participating in Wicked Wednesday

A day late this week, but I wanted to get one done!

Another Water and Dust story for Kink Bingo. I seem to be writing them backwards, for this is set before Hideaway from the other week. This is for the food square, and is about 1700 words. This picture below is of a Splice, what they are eating in the story. As far as I know, you can’t get them outside of Australia and New Zealand (if someone in the UK would inform me otherwise, I’d be most grateful. 😉


“Fancy something sweet? I fancy something sweet.”

The words broke the silence of nearly an hour. Marc looked across the lorry cabin to Brendan in the driver’s seat, and blinked. “What?”

“There’s a service station up ahead, and we need to get petrol anyway — ”

Marc sighed, and passed over his credit card. He’d be claiming it back from Brendan’s father anyway, though considering how thus far he was failing in the job he’d been sent to do, it seemed somehow… off.

Still, paying for petrol and ‘something sweet’ wasn’t going to break Tobias Cavanagh’s bank. Even if the items came plated in gold.

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2013-07-24 11:50 pm

Wicked Wednesday: Hideway, m/m, NSFW

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

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More for Kink Bingo today (Kink Bingo), this time for the square ‘gag/silence’. Once more from the Water and Dust universe, like last week, but this time, much earlier in Brendan and Marc’s relationship, from around when they first met. And dramatic it was too! This one is about 1500 words.

They ran up the stairs, and tumbled into the bedroom they found there. One double bed, a chair, and an upright cupboard, with a bathroom off to the side. A large window faced onto the main road. It had no curtains, and let all the brilliant light through, washing the room yellow.

Brendan pointed to the cupboard. “There!”

The cupboard was really too small for both of them; they’d both have to squash themselves in, and uncomfortably at that. But Brendan whispered that that would convince Walker that they couldn’t possibly be hiding in it. So Brendan clambered in first, tucked his knees to his chest, and Marc followed, swinging the doors shut while his left leg braced one side and his right knee almost dug into Brendan’s side. As it was, he was hyper-aware of being that near to Brendan, their proximity closer than they’d even had in the truck. The cabin had been restricted, but this allow no movement. To do so would alert Walker to their presence, and that would be the end of it.

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2013-07-17 08:24 am

Wicked Wednesday: Morning Ritual, m/m

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

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This is the fill for my Kink Bingo square ‘ritual’. Not especially sexual or graphic, except for the end, and part of my Water and Dust universe, but not within the timeline of what I’ve published here so far.

This vignette (900 words) describes Brendan and Marc’s morning ritual.

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2013-07-05 10:31 pm
Entry tags:

Kink Bingo Card 2013

I swear I must be stupid, or a glutton for punishment. I have signed up for Kink Bingo.

Kink Bingo is very much a fandom based venture. But I figured that since they allow original work too… well, it might be nice to have some extra prompts for Wicked Wednesday and such. It’s a vast and incredible undertaking for the mods, and provides many fans with a great deal of joy. I haven’t participated for a year, and it is so very nice to be able to take part in again. 😉

Not that I need more ideas or anything, she says drolly…

My card, and an HTML representation which will serve as the Master Post, is below the cut.

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2013-07-03 09:26 am

Wicked Wednesday: To Paint His Tears, f/m, NSFW

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

A short piece, 1300 words approx, f/m. Art and painting is the theme (which I seem to come back a lot I have to say…)

Blue photograph with eye lash and teardrop

He made himself cry for her. Not sob, nor weep and wail, but cry, silently, with tears running down his face.

She took photographs while he did. She had him sit on a stool in front of the blue egg-shell wall in her kitchen, made him take his shirt off. First middle distance, so she could capture his chest, concaved a little as he hunched, his shoulders rolled forward as his hands were kept between his knees – she asked that he didn’t touch his face, rub his eyes (later he would tell her that was the hardest part of it, not to wipe himself to keep himself neat and tidy.) The kitchen was warm, so his nipples remained soft as rose buds under his chest hair.

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2013-03-01 12:02 pm

Two new releases!

Oasis Beckoning
I’m pleased to announce I have two new releases available!

First, a short story, Oasis Beckoning. Fantasy erotica, with a most unusual pairing – man, and a pool of water…

Nearly dead from thirst and the sun, a man fled through the desert. Just when he believed he could no longer go on, he stumbled upon a deep pool in a jungle at the edge of the wasteland. The water soothed his parched throat and gave comfort to his burnt skin. Then, that which lived in the pool gave him a stranger and altogether more intimate kind of comfort.

Oasis Beckoning is available from Forbidden Fiction – you can go there for an excerpt and assorted buy links.

Smut Alfresco
Next, my short story ‘Meadow’ can be read in the new erotica anthology Smut Alfresco, edited by Lucy Felthouse and Victoria Blisse, a collection of outdoor-themed erotica. ‘Meadow’ is set on Grantchester Meadows in Cambridge, where I live, but you can find a whole host of other, intriguing settings and stories in the anthology.

An excerpt of ‘Meadow’ can be read here on this site.

Smut Alfresco can be bought at the following places:

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2013-03-01 11:00 am

Short Story: Crown

Crown or ring, or both?
Word count: 2250
Content: Erotica, NSFW, F/m, BDSM
Setting: Contemporary
Notes: First written in two parts for Wanton Wednesday, and then a final part for Wicked Wednesday.

The box Larissa brought with her contained black cord, a jar of honey, a silver spoon with a long, spindly handle…and a triple crown cock ring.

Oh hell…

The last item K. picked up with pinched fingers, like he was holding a dead mouse by the tail, and examined held out from him as far as his arm could stretched, eyes glancing at it almost sideways.

Larissa giggled, and he looked at her sharply. “No.”

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2013-02-17 04:00 pm

A Night in a Year: 48. Wait…

Like a clap of thunder, the music stops. The DJ shouts “Fuck!” and the dance floor is restless rather than pumping, edgy and discordant rather than in harmony. There are calls of ‘what just happen!’ and the DJ still cursing about a technical glitch, and everyone waits. The lights are garish without the accompanying beats.

Jeroen’s hand squeezes her shoulder, Orhan fingers dig into her back, and a chill falls over her body.

There are times like this when she freezes, and she feels herself watching the scenario play out before her, rather than participating. Where she doesn’t see herself as in control, as teasing and stroking the men either side of her, but as the meat in the sandwich, as someone – or even something – who could be tossed between two uncaring men like a toy, whose arms and legs could be pulled off on a whim, and the sight of her limbless would be amusing rather than cause for sympathy.

She stills herself, eyes down, not meeting either Orhan or Jeroen’s. She doesn’t need their reassure, not right not. She needs for them to relax their hold on her, needs to break out from the cage of their arms. Her breathing becomes more rapid, her chest heaving. She rolls her shoulder under Jeroen’s hand, hoping, hoping she’ll get away without needing to fight… and his hand flexes, not quite away, but he asks, in a normal voice, now capable of being heard in room, “You ok?”

She looks up, meeting Orhan’s eyes first. He stares down, frowning, concerned. The pressure of his fingers ease, and instead he rubs her back. Jeroen likewise rubs her shoulder, rough enough to be friendly. She turns to both of them, smiling, feeling the air in the space between them, freer once more.

Next: 49. Nibble

Image found on flickr, by Brandon Fick, used under the Creative Commons License.

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2013-02-16 04:00 pm

A Night in a Year: 47. Undulate

A new song starts, a quicker, more rolling beat, and Orhan’s hands drift further down, now emphatically on her hips, fingers splaying, digging in. The line of politeness has now been crossed, and sex can be the only intent. She smiles, and in time with the music, turns in her centre spot, and slides her arms around Orhan’s neck, resting her wrists over each other. It brings his smiling face closer, so their noses are nearly touching. Her breasts meet his chest, her nipples pushing against the material, eager to rub against his muscles, and behind her, Jeroen closes the gap, and now nothing could pass between the three of them, not even air.

She’s never been good at just moving her hips, but she tries, gently gyrating them. The two men pressing against her mean she’s restricted, but it creates a tender friction. Orhan moves in counterpoint with her, and she can feel his jeans rubbing through her dress. Not on her clit, but on the pubic bone, which almost serves as a shield over her clit. She senses it, not quite ready, not quite there to be excited and teased. Close though; the stirring in her stomach is quickening as she continues to dance almost solely with her hips.

Then, from behind, Jeroen slips his hands upwards, and they sit under her breasts. She bites her lip, holding in a sigh. Orhan smirks, and winks at Jeroen over her shoulder, upwards to accommodate his height.

“You move very… nicely,” Jeroen says, his voice low, so much that she more feels his words than hears them. She is about to respond, when he glides the edge of his large thumbs along the underside of her breasts.

And swiftly, she wishes that she was naked, and her clit begins to hum.

Next: 48. Wait…

Image found on flickr, by Pat Pilon, used under the Creative Commons License.

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2013-02-15 04:00 pm

A Night in a Year: 46. Sway

Orhan lets go of her hands, moves them to her waist. His fingers rest at the place were her stomach ends and her hips begin; a place, she’s always thought, that marks where touching above is gentlemanly, and below is sexy. It’s the perfect place, she thinks, for him to linger for a while, between chivalrous and seductive.

The music changes, a slow beat, its rhythm lulling, almost soft. The kind that makes her step gently from one foot to the other, a slight shift in weight rather than taking her foot the ground. Jeroen in front of her falls in pace with her, while Orhan moves his knees; she feels his thighs bump softly against the back of her own.

The music starts to seep under her skin. Her pulse falls in with the beat, or so it seems, for it throbs right through her, from the base of her neck to her clit. The lights too flash in time, and the three of them, together, sway like they are connected by more than clutching hands and sensual desire. For a moment, she closes her eyes, and she enjoys the warmth of the two men, and the surrounding sound.
When she opens them, Jeroen tries to move closer, but she shakes her head, lolling it in time to the music.

“Take it slow, take it slow,” she says, exaggerating her lips so he can read them, so she doesn’t have to shout.

Jereon rolls his eyes, but with humour, and keeps that tiny distance that would take only a nudge from someone passing by to close. Though it is like they are in a bubble, enclosed and separated by a membrane of light and sound waves from the other dances, moving in time with them, but not able to touch.

Next: 47. Undulate

Image found on flickr, by Brandon Fick, used under the Creative Commons License.

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2013-02-15 02:30 pm

Short Story: Wandering Nail

Word count: 1500
Content: Erotica, NSFW, m/f
Setting: Contemporary
Notes: Originally written in two parts for Wicked Wednesday.

In the fresh Stockholm summer, they stumble from the party through the glass doors onto the deck, him catching her by the arm, both giggling as their wine just manages to avoid sloshing over their nice clothes. The faint evening chill surrounds them. Her brief, berating thought of ‘you’ve just met him’ is shouted down by the ‘but he’s sexy’, and she leans against his shoulder, and they sway towards the thick wooden railing, his hand resting on her hip.

She can’t look back at him, though she wants to see his sweet face again. They’ve been chatting animatedly for hours, but now, shyness flattens her, and all she can do is stare out over the sloping grass towards the inlet. The pines on the opposite shore are stark green, shooting straight up into the evening sky, pale blue, starting to fade.

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2013-02-14 04:00 pm

A Night in a Year: 45. Three

ThreeJeroen blinks, and she realises that he hadn’t noticed Orhan attached to her. His expression sours, and he starts to slide away. She grips his hand tighter, steps towards him, Orhan in sync with her. She looks back at Orhan – his teeth are bright white in the flashes of light, and his eyes are open, accepting, while Jereon’s face is hard, irritated.

“More fun with three,” she says, adding a chuckle to make it seem the most obvious thing in the world.

But Jereon doesn’t respond directly.

She watches as the instinctive unwillingness to share flash across his face. His eyes looking on her greedily, possessively, and flicking with annoyance back at Orhan. But she keeps Orhan’s hand close to herself, holding it near the top of her thigh, and she looks up at Jeroen, unable to keep the begging from her eyes, but steely enough to let him know that this is all or nothing.

Orhan shuffles closer to her, and she can sense from how near he is that he will not need convincing. Jeroen purses his lips, and looks between her and Orhan. But he hasn’t let go of her hand, so she ducks her head a little bit, her eyes casting down, and she peers back up through her eye lashes, demure, pliant, and her body almost shudders when Jeroen drops her hand, and grabs her shoulders, pulling him to her with Orhan pressing in behind her.

“You’re too kind,” she says, teasing, not to let him know she was ever worried that he might say no.

“Just shut up and dance,” he says, wry, a fraction perturbed, as if his pride has taken a tiny blow.

Not because he’s had to share her, but because, in the battle of wills, she won.

Next: 46. Sway

Image found on flickr, by Dr Stephen Dann, used under the Creative Commons License.

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