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In brief, these are my plans for December:

* Read back over the Nanowrimo novel that I won with back in 2008. I've been thinking about it on and off since then, shown it to a dear friend who thought it had potential, talked about it with other dear friends who gave some good advice on it, and I think I've finally figured out some of issues that were there. So now I do the read over properly. Take notes, not rewrite yet, but take thorough notes about the characters, the world, and the plot. Think up scenes that need including or scenes to be removed. Properly more that need to go in, as it really is just 50,000 words, and it does need to be longer. Will keep updating on that.

* I'm going to take it a bit easier with the dragon novel. Just simply do 100 words a day. Very easy to catch up on if for some reason I don't write, or alternatively if I write for longer than that's a success.

* Aim is also to work on and send off a story to Circlet Press for their online micro-fiction. 1000 words max, so it will be a nice challenge.

* Celebrate when I get my copy of Filament later this week! Yep, my story will be in there. The cover looks wonderful, and the articles inside intriguing. A post of itself when I have it in my hot little hands. ;)
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So, Nanowrimo came and went...and I didn't hit the 50,000 words.

The reasons for it are various, including:

* not making a good start on the first day I could write (2nd November).
* stupidly trying to plan to do enormous chunks on my days off (5,000 words).
* lack of enthusiasm. I had it, but not quite enough to make me want to get in there and actually do it.

In short, I think next time I do Nano I really should start with smaller daily word count goals, and with a completely new project, because that's what has worked the two times I have won it. The flurry of activity that is Nano better suits a brand shiny new idea, not one that's be gestating for...bugger, that's three years now the Dragon novel has been bubbling around in my head.

I did manage to get just shy of 14,000 words down though, nearly half of which was a quite exposition-y but fairly important scene. And it does bring my total word count up to 79,000, which felt wonderful to see when I plugged the addition words into Scrivener last night.

More on the writing front, am currently discussing with a composer friend the possibility of me writing some text for a collaborative project. No further details yet, but it sounded intriguing and I was very flattered to be asked, so we'll see how that plays out.

Meanwhile, I've been doing a lot of dancing and dancing exam preparation. I already have Part 1 (Units 1, 2 and 3) of the certificate, which I gained in 2007 in Sydney (written exam for Unit 1) and Wellington (dancing exam for Unit 2 and partial teaching exam for Unit 3). Now I'm on to Part 2, which is a kind of reflective work book (Unit 4), and a full teaching exam for (Unit 5).

In order to take the Unit 5 exam mid-next year, I need to complete a course of a certain amount of hours. This so far took up the weekends at the start and beginning of November. Intense and exhausting (as it's a lot of talking information as well as dancing, and dancing to our best ability to prefect our steps) but it is oddly fun as well, and I really like the group who are going through it with me.

Unit 4 is due before Christmas. This is...concerning, but I'm not too panicked about it (though I might be saying something different next week!) The bulk of that is reflecting on 6 hours of class taught, which I have done about half. Tonight, for the first time, however, I'll be teaching a full two hour class completely designed by me, which I'm nervous about, but hopefully it will be ok. If I can remember to give instructions and practice in small digestible chunks that will probably help enormously, as will getting in there and doing things with the class rather than standing at the head of it and just barking at them.

It's getting a lot colder here now. Am definitely going to have to get some warmer clothes and a proper winter coat for the coming months - I've experienced cold in small doses but nothing like what people are telling me to prepare for. I've shown people here pictures of where I grew up (sunny, coastal Coffs Harbour), and after a moments admiration I inevitably get '...and why on earth are you here?'

Why indeed. Fact is, there are many wonderful things about Australia, but at home I wouldn't see Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, John Simm, or Ian Hart on stage with much ease, and I have managed to do that this year, and I dare say I'll be able to see more actors I admire, though after reading this about Ian Hart's outburst at a performance of the play I saw him in in September, the admiration is rather tempered now. Still, the point remains. (I also really want to do a post about the plays I have seen this year, but we'll see if I have time.)
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For those who don't know, I'm doing Nanowrimo again. Taking a slightly unusual track, I'm trying to actually finish off the draft of The Dragon of the Linden Tree rather than starting something new. This was a bit challenging at first. For one thing, it's been a few months since I last properly looked at it, so it took much of the first week to actually get back into the characters, situation, and figure out just where I was up to in terms of the draft (maybe next time I should flag that better on Scrivener...hmmm.)

Meanwhile, I'm very, very far behind on the expected word count. 11,200, when I really need about 6,000 more to be properly on track. It's not undoable, but what it really means is that I'm going to need to get a motor on on Friday, really force myself to get the words out in order to stay on top of it for the rest of the month.

Also, for all I know, even if I hit 50,000 words, it might need more still...but I think I've hit the halfway mark. At least I hope so...

But I'm rambling now, when I need to be writing. Good luck to any one else taking it on!

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