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I'm an Australian living in Cambridge, UK. Also an aspiring writer, part-time university administrator, and Scottish Country Dancer.

Some quotes:

"Wherever I am on this earth, I am and shall always be a resident alien." - Quentin Crisp

"I don't get nearly enough credit for the things in life I don't say." - from How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff


Icons are credited on the icons page. If not credit is given, they've been made by me.

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Interests (128):

a series of unfortunate events, alain de botton, amelie, american gothic, angel, ani difranco, anime, battlestar galactica (2003), beautiful thing, bleak house (2005), buffy, cambridge spies, carbon leaf, cat stevens, china mieville, chinatown, clannad, cloudstreet, cowboy bebop, david bowie, delicatessan, diane duane, doctor who, dogville, don mclean, dragons, earth girl arjuna, emilie autumn, emily maguire, eskimo joe, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, evangelion, farscape, feminism, film, firefly, francesca lia block, gender, good news week, green day, hakkenden, hamish macbeth, hamlet, hellsing, highlander, history, homicide: life on the street, hot fuzz, hunger, imogen heap, in bruges, jonathan brain, june tabor, karine polwart, la grande illusion, labyrinth, lawrence of arabia, lemony snicket, leon: the professional, life on mars, live, lock stock and two smoking barrels, loreena mckennitt, lupin iii, master and commander, michael ende, momo, monty python and the life of brian, movies, neil gaiman, nightwish, noir, north and south (2004), outgrabe, oysterband, oz, pan's labyrinth, poe, press gang, priest, quiz show, reading, red dwarf, research, reservoir dogs, rozencrantz and guildenstern are dead, rurouni kenshin, sarah mclachlan, scottish country dancing, seven samurai, sexuality, shameless, simon and garfunkel, soundtracks, star trek, stardust, taming the beast, taxi driver, the castle of cagliostro, the city of lost children, the court jester, the crucible, the crying game, the dark crystal, the full monty, the last unicorn, the lives of others, the lord of the rings trilogy, the machinist, the piano, the princess bride, the rose and the beast, the sandman, the secret garden (1993), the shawshank redemption, the storyteller, the usual suspects, the wire, tony eardley, triantan, trigun, vision of escaflowne, walking, watchmen, witch hunter robin, with nails, writing, young wizards series
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