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2015-07-30 09:00 am

Guest Post: Cotton Candy by Mae Hancock


Today I have Mae Hancock here today, discussing the secrets characters carry in her new novel, Cotton Candy. Over to you Mae!

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2015-06-11 09:00 am

Guest Post: Interview with Giacomo Lee

Funereal coverToday I have a different kind of guest interview. Normally I feature other erotica writers, but for change, I’ve invited my friend Giacomo Lee to talk his new novel Funereal, which is set in present day South Korea (a current interest of mine, sparked by… well, if you were paying attention when I did my Gentlemen of Intriguing Appearance series you might know why.)

Before the interview, first, a blurb about Funereal.

Throw yourself a funeral. But will it make you happy?

Soobin Shin is an aspiring young woman in a near-future version of Seoul. Ever since her college graduation, she has struggled to escape from her dead-end job in a doughnut chain. Her twin sister Hyewon is one of Korea’s most recognizable models, but Soobin just can’t seem to find her lucky break… until one evening, a creepy regular customer offers her a job in a company he has just started. OneLife Korea is going to save South Korea one funeral at a time… by burying the living in order to help them find some peace of mind in the country with the highest suicide rate in the developed world.

Soobin has already lost her mother, and her relationship with her boyfriend is on the rocks. What else does she have to lose? Everything at OneLife Korea seems perfect until high-profile clients actually start dying. Soobin Shin is Korea’s beautiful new angel of death, and Funereal is a snapshot of a city in flux, taking a look at the dark side to surgery, survival, and stardom in the near future of one of Asia’s most dynamic capitals.

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2014-10-23 09:00 am

Guest Post: Fifty Shades of Green

Fifty Shades of Green cover

A Horned God in Her Garden— “Phallus Impudicus”

I’d like to welcome Rebekah Shardy to the blog today to talk about her story “Phallus Impudicus” from Fifty Shades of Green. Over to you, Rebekah!

As a married middle-aged woman, I hiked alone in wild places and sometimes felt the unexpected flush of raw desire. This inspired me to write about the lonely divorcee, Carol, whose bed (and flower beds) have been neglected far too long. Despite following the conventional female script, her once-rambunctious gardens, both real and metaphorical, are withering. What is a woman to do?

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2014-09-25 09:00 am

Guest Post: Female Characters in The Bone Cup by LJ LaBarthe

Bone Cup CoverThank you so much for having me again, Jacqui. I’m so happy to be visiting your blog again!

The last book of the second trilogy of “The Archangel Chronicles” is out, and I’m very excited to talk about it. This book is called “The Bone Cup,” and is book six in the series. (Full list of all books is here: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/index.php?cPath=598) The blurb is:

Gabriel and Michael, hand in hand and leading the Brotherhood of Archangels, the Venatores, and the Archdemon Guild of Glass Knives, march into the mouth of madness to retrieve the Holy Grail with the blessings of both God and Lucifer. They cross dimensions and battle for the future of all realities: Heaven, Hell, Earth and Purgatory.

In Purgatory they are reunited with Naamah and meet her children, who are terrified of her. One of her allies is an angel, but they can’t identify the traitor. Gabriel faces his worst fear when Michael is injured and he might lose the unwavering comfort Michael embodies. If Gabriel cannot save the Holy Grail, he risks losing more than his one true love—all of creation might be destroyed along with them.

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2014-09-18 12:06 pm

Guest Post: Undone and the Language of Lust by Kristina Lloyd

Undone by Kristina Lloyd - cover

Delighted to welcome Kristina Lloyd with a guest post on the language used by erotica writers with reference to her latest novel, Undone. Over to you, Kristina!

Every now and then, a writer will receive a review of their work which is scare more than an upchuck of subjectivity. You know the sort I mean: “Amazon were late delivering this book so I had to go to the Post Office to collect it because I wasn’t at home and I stubbed my big toe on the step on the way to the counter. My poor toe was throbbing all evening and I couldn’t concentrate on the book. ONE STAR! I WOULD GIVE IT NO STARS IF I COULD! OH MY TOE!”

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2014-02-25 12:29 pm

Giveaway winner!


The winner from last week’s giveaway on the Tailor Made post for works from Josephine Myles backlist is MarMight! Congratulations! Jo will be in touch with you shortly. :)

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2014-02-20 09:44 am

Guest Post: Interview with Josephine Myles for Tailor Made (plus a giveaway!)

Tailor Made
Today I have a great interview with Josephine Myles for her m/m erotic romance Tailor Made, which has just been re-released. And there is also a giveaway – read to the bottom of the post for details on how to enter!

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2014-02-13 08:30 am

Guest Post: Interview with Eva Lefoy for Lover Enslaved: 24 Hours in Mumbai

Lover Enslaved cover
It is my pleasure to welcome Eva Lefoy for an interview for her novella Lover Enslaves: 24 Hours in Mumbai. Today we have 10 questions and an excerpt, along with where to buy links and where else you can find Eva online. Now, on with the interview!

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2013-09-13 09:00 am

Guest Post: Interview with Matthew Stillman for Genesis Deflowered

It is my great pleasure to present the following interview from Matthew Stillman for his erotic retelling of the King James version of the Book of Genesis, Genesis Deflowered. Wonderful, detailed and insightful responses. Over to you, Matthew!

Genesis Deflowered

This kind of project has the potential to cause some controversy, considering the uneasy relationship sex and religion often have. What inspired you to take on this project (Genesis Deflowered being the first of several planned books I note), particularly since it seems, from looking at your website, such a departure from your usual work?

I was helping my friend Jill Hamilton of the brilliant and hilarious blog “In Bed With Married Women” do some research on a piece she was writing about strange erotica on Amazon. I found books about being bred by goblins, sexually inclined snowmen, lusty leprechauns and the like. I had never written erotica or been a big reader of it and rolled my eyes at this particular stripe that I was finding. But I followed the “if you liked this then you might like THIS” path that Amazon sends you on. I came across a book that was an erotic retelling of Mary getting pregnant.

I read the sample and ,to my mind, it was awful writing. Cliche. Brimming with typos. Sloppy.

But the comments/reviews were amazing. There were not only lots of them but they were summarily glowing.

“This book made me feel closer to Jesus”
“Now I know how scared and proud Mary must have been to have been approached by God this way”
“To think that my Lord Jesus came from a union like that makes me feel good.”

I was amazed.

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2013-08-16 09:00 am

Rob and Lou’s Wild Weekend: Interview with Victoria Blisse

Rob and Lou Wild Weekends

Today I’d like to welcome Victoria Blisse to my blog with an interview for her collection Rob and Lou’s Wild Weekends. A little bit about the collection first before we launch into the interview itself:

Hold on tight, it’s going to get wild! Rob and Lou could pass you in the streets and you’d likely not notice them. They’re in their thirties, have a family and jobs to hold down and they do it with smiles on their faces. But occasionally they get a little time off and that’s when things get seriously sexy.

Light-hearted and fun, this mini-anthology features episodes from this couple’s wild weekends. Making the most of the mud, finding the erotic nature of an apron and even having a sexy visit to a fish and chip shop. Rob and Lou make the mundane much more pleasurable so join them on their kinky ride.

Includes a bonus short story Damsel in Distress and excerpts from other ebooks by the award winning queen of rosy, raunchy and rubenesque erotic romance, Victoria Blisse.

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2013-07-30 08:30 am

Guest Post: Why Does Tom Have To Be Tested by Lucy Felthouse

Testing Tom by Lucy Felthouse

Delighted to have Lucy Felthouse here on my blog discussing her femdom novella Testing Tom – always up for a bit of tasty femdom, and with a cover like that, who can resist! Take it away Lucy!

My novella, Testing Tom, is a femdom erotic romance. It’s the story of professional Dominatrix, Katrina, and her ex, Tom. A while ago, he left her for a vanilla chick, devastating her. So when he comes crawling back, begging for forgiveness, she simply can’t bring herself to welcome him back with open arms. How does she know he won’t get scared of the BDSM lifestyle once more and leave her again?

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2013-07-12 09:00 am

Guest Post: City of Jade by L.J. LaBarthe

City of Jade

Today I’d like to welcome L.J. LaBarthe back to my blog to discuss her m/m historical novel, City of Jade, set on the Silk Road. Over to you, L.J.!

Thanks for having me guest on your blog again, Jacqui. It’s always great to be here and I’m thrilled to be able to talk about my latest release, City of Jade.

City of Jade is set in the twelfth century and is the story of Misahuen of Gyeongju in Korea and Gallienus of Constantinople. The laws of the period were extremely harsh in regards homosexuality in the Byzantine Empire and the West, and Gallienus and Misahuen, because of those laws, planned to leave Constantinople and seek their future elsewhere. The book explores their deepening relationship as they work as caravan guards for a merchant and his family, travelling along the Silk Road from Constantinople to Hangzhou in China.

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2013-03-27 07:28 pm

Stranger in a Strange Land: Guest Post by Robyn Walker

Coming Home

Last of my guest bloggers for the week from the Under the Southern Cross anthology is Robyn Walker. The floor is all yours Robyn!

Thank you to Jacqui for the opportunity to write on her blog, and thank you to all of Jacqui’s readers too – I hope you find this piece as interesting to read as it was for me to write.

Given that both Jacqui and myself are Australians living in Britain, it made sense to make that the theme of my guest post. Before I start though, here’s an excerpt from my novella, ‘Coming Home’. The purpose in sharing this particular extract will become clear afterwards. Honest!

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2013-03-26 09:30 am

Aussie –ness in fiction: Guest Post by Isabelle Rowan

Red Heart

Today I’d like to welcome Isabelle Rowan as my second guest blogger from Under the Southern Cross. Come on down!


A story set in Australia about Australian men sounds easy enough right? Well, that’s what I thought…

The problems really began when I tried to pin down an aspect or notion of ‘Aussie-ness” to write about. Where do I start? How do I get across who we are when we’re all so different? More importantly, how do I avoid the stereotypes? So, no Crocodile Dundee, even though I wanted to do something about the outback! Hmm….

One of the themes I really wanted to explore is our relationship to the land. There is something about Australia that conjures images of red earth, vast landscapes and endless skies, yet most of us live in cities or suburbs. Since migrating to Australia in the 1960’s I’ve lived my life as a suburb dweller, far away from the deserts of central Oz. I walk on footpaths, meet friends in cafes and do all the things that happen in most other countries, but the land is often there in the back of my mind, nibbling away at my dreams and reminding me to walk barefoot now and then. Sure I’ll admit I’m an old pagan, but I honestly believe that the land is there within us all if we are willing or able to look.
So that’s where I started.

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2013-03-25 09:30 am

Historical Research for ‘The Body on the Beach’: Guest Post by L.J. LaBarthe

Body on the Beach

Today I’d like to welcome L.J. LaBarthe as my first guest blogger from the Under the Southern Cross anthology. Take it away, L.J.!


One of the great things about writing a historical—at least, for me—is seeing how a place has changed over the years… or how it hasn’t. In researching for “The Body on the Beach,” I learned a lot about the buildings on Hindley Street, Adelaide, and what they were originally used for. Places that I know to be seedy, awful dives, never used to be; once upon a time, they were considered formal establishments. Other places, which I know as, for example, a McDonalds restaurants, used to be a seedy dive of a pub. It’s so interesting to see how things have changed, where a new coat of paint can liven up an exterior.

Hindley Street has always had a bad reputation for as long as I can remember. While efforts have been made in the last ten to fifteen years to clean it up a little, introducing things such as uni student housing, more restaurants and a strong police presence at night, there’s still the lingering remnants of what was considered the underbelly of Adelaide. In the 1980s, Hindley Street was home to late night cafes and falafel houses—those still exist and still make the best damn falafel rolls I’ve ever had—and there were dingy, dirty, smelly pubs with carpet that was so sodden with spilled booze and who knows what else it was like walking on a sponge. Those pubs are gone now, changed hands and cleaned up, to become pokie pubs or uni student pubs or blues lounges.

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2012-10-25 09:00 am

Interview with Nephylim

10 Questions for Nephylim on Hump in the Night

My first time hosting an interview here on my blog! I’m very pleased to have a Q&A from Nephylim for the anthology of supernatural m/m stories, Hump in the Night.

Hump in the Night cover by Nephylim
How long have you been writing for?

All my life.

I remember when I was a kid, maybe ten or eleven, my mother would be constantly having a go at me for ‘having my nose in a book’. It didn’t matter to her whether I was reading or writing it was an alien concept. The only thing read in our house was the daily newspaper.

If I had gone to university straight from school I would have done an English Degree and would probably have started getting my writing out there sooner, but I decided to take a year out and work, then things drifted by and I eventually moved into Law.

It wasn’t until about five years ago anyone else read a word I’d written, although there were hundreds of thousands on the computer waiting to be read. When they did read they urged me to publish online, which I did with Gay Authors and the rest is history.

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2012-05-27 10:25 pm

Week in Review: 27 May

Sheep' s Green May 2012

Sheep’s Green, Cambridge, UK. Part of Sunday in my City

Unknown Mami

Making a real attempt to start weekly updates on the blog each Sunday – am a little obsessed with trying to remember everything, and I think it would give me some peace of mind to make sure I do it, though whether or not an interesting read for everyone else, I cannot say! Also going to start doing Sunday in my City (though the picture may or may not have been taken on Sunday)…the above was taken Thursday.

But onward!

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