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10 Questions for Nephylim on Hump in the Night

My first time hosting an interview here on my blog! I’m very pleased to have a Q&A from Nephylim for the anthology of supernatural m/m stories, Hump in the Night.

Hump in the Night cover by Nephylim
How long have you been writing for?

All my life.

I remember when I was a kid, maybe ten or eleven, my mother would be constantly having a go at me for ‘having my nose in a book’. It didn’t matter to her whether I was reading or writing it was an alien concept. The only thing read in our house was the daily newspaper.

If I had gone to university straight from school I would have done an English Degree and would probably have started getting my writing out there sooner, but I decided to take a year out and work, then things drifted by and I eventually moved into Law.

It wasn’t until about five years ago anyone else read a word I’d written, although there were hundreds of thousands on the computer waiting to be read. When they did read they urged me to publish online, which I did with Gay Authors and the rest is history.

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