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Funereal coverToday I have a different kind of guest interview. Normally I feature other erotica writers, but for change, I’ve invited my friend Giacomo Lee to talk his new novel Funereal, which is set in present day South Korea (a current interest of mine, sparked by… well, if you were paying attention when I did my Gentlemen of Intriguing Appearance series you might know why.)

Before the interview, first, a blurb about Funereal.

Throw yourself a funeral. But will it make you happy?

Soobin Shin is an aspiring young woman in a near-future version of Seoul. Ever since her college graduation, she has struggled to escape from her dead-end job in a doughnut chain. Her twin sister Hyewon is one of Korea’s most recognizable models, but Soobin just can’t seem to find her lucky break… until one evening, a creepy regular customer offers her a job in a company he has just started. OneLife Korea is going to save South Korea one funeral at a time… by burying the living in order to help them find some peace of mind in the country with the highest suicide rate in the developed world.

Soobin has already lost her mother, and her relationship with her boyfriend is on the rocks. What else does she have to lose? Everything at OneLife Korea seems perfect until high-profile clients actually start dying. Soobin Shin is Korea’s beautiful new angel of death, and Funereal is a snapshot of a city in flux, taking a look at the dark side to surgery, survival, and stardom in the near future of one of Asia’s most dynamic capitals.

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The winner from last week’s giveaway on the Tailor Made post for works from Josephine Myles backlist is MarMight! Congratulations! Jo will be in touch with you shortly. :)

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Tailor Made
Today I have a great interview with Josephine Myles for her m/m erotic romance Tailor Made, which has just been re-released. And there is also a giveaway – read to the bottom of the post for details on how to enter!

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10 Questions for Nephylim on Hump in the Night

My first time hosting an interview here on my blog! I’m very pleased to have a Q&A from Nephylim for the anthology of supernatural m/m stories, Hump in the Night.

Hump in the Night cover by Nephylim
How long have you been writing for?

All my life.

I remember when I was a kid, maybe ten or eleven, my mother would be constantly having a go at me for ‘having my nose in a book’. It didn’t matter to her whether I was reading or writing it was an alien concept. The only thing read in our house was the daily newspaper.

If I had gone to university straight from school I would have done an English Degree and would probably have started getting my writing out there sooner, but I decided to take a year out and work, then things drifted by and I eventually moved into Law.

It wasn’t until about five years ago anyone else read a word I’d written, although there were hundreds of thousands on the computer waiting to be read. When they did read they urged me to publish online, which I did with Gay Authors and the rest is history.

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Feel like I’m finally emerging from something of a bubble I was lolling around in for the past week or so. Combination of some unfortunate stuff in my personal life, including something I noticed on Wednesday; my sleep pattern is a little off. I’ve always been someone who takes up to an hour to fall asleep, unless I’m utterly exhausted. But I’ve moved rooms recently, and the curtains in there are light enough so that I’m waking up with the morning sun between 5.30 and 6. Normally this would be great – yay, body clock working its natural rhythms – but it’s less great when you can’t get back to sleep and wind up having several nights of about 5 hours. Granted, this is not insomnia, but come Wednesday I was getting dizzy from just being upright, and my head has felt a bit fuzzy since. Black curtains which we do have in the house will be going up very soon!

Better today, mind, and I was able to get on with a few blogging things I’d wanted to do for a while. It’s a shame my head was the way it was, because I’ve been on leave for two weeks and had lots of time to write – life just got in the way, and resulted in me fretting about writing matters in general, which tends to lead to, guess what, no writing.

That said, I did get some more words down on a longer piece I have in the works, and in the good news, I’ve had some acceptances over the past week, which I shouldn’t talk about just yet, but suffice to say I’m pretty happy about.

And also! My first interview at someone else’s blog. L.J. LaBarthe has this interview up on her LiveJournal. I hope I’ve managed to sound at least a little intelligent rather than incoherent. ;)

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