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It is my great pleasure to present the following interview from Matthew Stillman for his erotic retelling of the King James version of the Book of Genesis, Genesis Deflowered. Wonderful, detailed and insightful responses. Over to you, Matthew!

Genesis Deflowered

This kind of project has the potential to cause some controversy, considering the uneasy relationship sex and religion often have. What inspired you to take on this project (Genesis Deflowered being the first of several planned books I note), particularly since it seems, from looking at your website, such a departure from your usual work?

I was helping my friend Jill Hamilton of the brilliant and hilarious blog “In Bed With Married Women” do some research on a piece she was writing about strange erotica on Amazon. I found books about being bred by goblins, sexually inclined snowmen, lusty leprechauns and the like. I had never written erotica or been a big reader of it and rolled my eyes at this particular stripe that I was finding. But I followed the “if you liked this then you might like THIS” path that Amazon sends you on. I came across a book that was an erotic retelling of Mary getting pregnant.

I read the sample and ,to my mind, it was awful writing. Cliche. Brimming with typos. Sloppy.

But the comments/reviews were amazing. There were not only lots of them but they were summarily glowing.

“This book made me feel closer to Jesus”
“Now I know how scared and proud Mary must have been to have been approached by God this way”
“To think that my Lord Jesus came from a union like that makes me feel good.”

I was amazed.

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