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South Bank Seduction cover

Yay, it’s here! South Bank Seduction, An anthology of erotica from the banks of the Thames has been published on Kindle. Edited by Ruby Kiddell – who managed to edit this while also finding time to organise not one but two Eroticons in 2013 (while preparing for Eroticon 2014). Which is pretty awesome.

Sharing the pages with a bunch of great stories is my own Pulse and Flow, an m/m erotic romance set partly on top of the South Bank Centre. You can read an extract here on my site.

The great news? South Bank Seduction is FREE on Kindle until this Sunday (16 March 2014). So use one of these handy links to pick up a copy. :)

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Next Friday, 13 December, I’m going to be joining some lovely fellow erotica writers and poets to read some of our work at Sh! in Hoxton. I went along last year (or was that earlier this year?) when DL King visited the UK, and it was a blast. Looking forward to doing it again. If you are able to come along, please do – the writers are a wonderful bunch, and the Sh! ladies are great fun and terrific hosts – they also have the nicest pink champagne. ;)

Bookings can be made by clicking on the picture, or below:

XXXMas Reading & Poetry Slam

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Hair and Make-up
At her vanity, she experiments with her hair. Up or down, up or down. She eventually decides on a simply clipping two sides up a little, to give it some height. The rest falls down her neck, just above the line of her dress. The clips are two tiny dragon flies, studded with blue jewels. Yes, they are plastic, but they don’t look cheap.

Foundation goes on, followed by blusher. Her eyes will be done next. She chooses her colours; smoky gray, with hints of blue and purple. She tries not to blink or let her eyes water as she outlines them. This close to the mirror, the liner looks like pencil tracing paper, an artist’s sketch rather than marks of a temptress. Mystery only alights her eyes when she starts to apply the colour.

Her lipstick is of course bright red. She traces a liner pencil around her lips, and follows it with the stick itself. As it butts against her upper lip, she imagines the other things she will feel against them tonight: the cool of a bottle head; the rim of a wine glass; lips; tongues; cock. She tries to imagine how she might look to a man staring down at her as she sucks him, and once she’s dabbed tissue to her mouth, opens it in a perfect O to see her reflection. She laughs. It looks daft. Ridiculous. She wonders if arousal takes away how silly sex can look, and decides yes. It will not seem silly when it is someone’s dick on her lower lip, or his hand on her breast. She will not be thinking about how it looks or appears, but how it feels.

Tonight, despite her efforts made now, is all about sensation; the bright and muted sensation of the body.

Next: 5. Shoes

Image found on flickr, by robertotostes, used under the Creative Commons License.

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DryHer towel is white, and less fluffy than softly worn after many years of use. Patting herself down first, she rolls less into the caress of the material, and more the harsh rub. The towel acts as a corrosive: the dirt was washed off with the water, and now clean, she feels like she is shedding old skin.

This is the driest she expects to be all night. Her skin will be like paper, blank, ready to be written on.

She begins with her face and head. Ears first, for the water so often stays in them after a shower. Her hair she’ll attend to later. She rubs her cheeks until she can feel them burn. She loops the towel behind her neck, sawing it back and forth like a rope. After this, her shoulders and chest are scraped down. Only at her breasts is she cautious, carefully brushing over her nipples. But her arms, fingers, back, her stomach, her thighs, knees, calves, feet, are all treated the same, rough way, until she feels the blood beneath her skin, burning and blossoming red.

Between her legs, she is once more gentle, patting her labia with the towel. When she is done, her body feels anew, and her cunt lips are soft, pliable, ready for sweet torments. She has to hold a breath to stop projecting into the evening, for anticipation always leads to disappointment.

She plugs in the hair drier, and with a brush, blows it soft and hard until her curls and waves are straight and fall less like a vine and more as silk curtain. She runs her fingers through it, holding the ends up out from her head to see them in the mirror.

Yes, this is good.

Her body is reawakened, brand new. Ready.

Next: 3. Dress

Image found on flickr, by desiitally, used under the Creative Commons License.

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A new project for 2013! A Night in a Year: An Erotic Adventure in Cambridge. Thus far, I have seven parts written, and a plan – this is far better going than I have done in the past, so by this time next week the posts for January should be written too.

Blurb: A woman prepares for a night out in Cambridge, with one thing on her mind. When she hits the centre of town, and enters a newly established bar, her eye sets upon an intriguing gentleman in a sharp suit and long, elegant fingers. However, before the night is out, she will have many more encounters than she could ever have expected.

It should go without saying that these posts will not be safe for work – though the images will remain clean, the text will get absolutely filthy. ;)

Without further ado, here is Part 1. Shower.

The debris of the day sloughs off her, courses over her eye sockets. The white shower curtain wavers in front of her. She gasps, forcing herself to stay under the burst of cold water, trembling until it warms up. Then she shakes her head under the stream. The water traces her scalp. Her lips part against the veil of it.

This is the start of the ritual. The preparation for the state she’s about to enter. Cleansing, wiping away mundanity before she steps into the night world waiting outside. The water reawakens her senses, dulled from her desk job and the glow of a computer screen. The only piece of technology that will come with her tonight is a tiny phone – no easy connection to the internet, just a few numbers if trouble should strike.

Though she is not averse to a little bit of trouble.

She massages the soap from head to toe; scrubs her hair, her ears, the back of her neck, arm pits, sides, crotch. As the soap swirls away, and she wipes herself clean of it, she wonders that her hand, brushing past her breasts and cunt did not cause even a moment of arousal. The intent of the action, she thinks, and experimentally, press a finger to her clit, urging excitement.

The flicker of it is brief, but present.

She smiles – perfect - and drops her hand away. She will not anticipate the pleasures of the night. That will be left for another hand. Or tongue.

When the soap is all gone, and her skin feels like wet silk, she turns off the shower, and rings the water from her hair. As she steps out, and reaches for the towel, she imagines her night ahead.

How much she will drink, and how much she will fuck.

Next: 2. Dry

Image found on flickr, by wnorrix, used under the Creative Commons License.

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November is upon us. Two months left to go of 2012, and I’m feeling ambitious.

Or insane.

Or both.

It’s been a while since I seriously considered Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month). A friend/former colleague commented on Facebook when I posted something about it, and I realised that we’d been working together when I did it in 2008. That was an interesting month. I remember at some point giggling hysterically (and not in a good way) while my boyfriend at the time hugged me and patted me gently. Ok, that makes it sound like I was having a breakdown, and really, that wasn’t it. But it was that moment that the dawning realisation hit me that I wasn’t, writing like that, going to churn out a perfectly formed novel by the end of the month. That’s perfectionists for you, though.

I did, however, make it, and I still look on the writing of it that year as my first ‘proper’ Nanowrimo success. I did it back in 2006 with the very first beginnings of the Dragon Novel (which looks so naive now compared to my plans for it these days), but I didn’t finish the story in those 50,000 words. I did with ‘Touch’ in 2008. It has become a trunk novel since, waiting for my attention to its plot and words (and the line I love to tell people as an example of the dreck Nano results in – ‘He picked up a handful of pens in his hand.’) I think one day I’ll return to it, and the world it is part of.

Funny though, the hook of the plot for ‘Touch’ is strikingly similar to ‘Stitched’, my WIP for Nanowrimo 2012. And I have to confess I’m slightly cheating a bit. I already have 35,000 words for it. That’s the first act and then some. So the plan for November is to get the novel done and to a draft of 85,000 words.

So far, I am on track (see my handy widget):

See also my participant page on the official site.

But Jacqui, that’s not *that* insane, you might say. You’ve done it before, and working full-time rather than part-time too. Shouldn’t this be a walk in the park?

Well, except for the fact that Nanowrimo never is, and also… I’m taking on two other things…

NaBloPoMo November 2012

The first is is NaBloPoMo. This runs every month of the year, the idea being to post on your blog at least once a day (so is National Blog Posting Month). Being a rather inconsistent blogger, this seems like a great idea – and coupling it with Nanowrimo I think works. I can always post my word count if I can’t think of anything else that day.

The second is an initiative of Shanna Germain, NaNoLoMo (National Novel Loving Month). The idea is to write a short review of a book you love each day of the month, to share you love and appreciation of the written word. Despite the ‘novel’ in the title, it is not purely restricted to novels, which is a relief for me, and also gave me the idea for what I’ll do this month. I’m going to be reviewing some of the books that have had an impact on me, starting from early picture books until novels I read this year. I have complied a list of twenty books so far, and there will be more. The trick is, really, not be embarrassed by my loves. That desire to seem sophisticated, or at least of possessing good taste, is strong, but I think for this month I need to keep those voices at bay and remember that our loves are what they are, and embracing them will no doubt make me and others a helluva lot happier.

So… that’s my month ahead. Thus far, Wrimo words done, and this blog posts counts for the blogging. Now off to do a review…

I did tell you I’m insane, right?

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Segueing from Wanton Wednesday in Wicked Wednesday with the conclusion of Crown. Very not safe for work, folks! You know the drill. ;)

Wicked Wednesday

Part 2

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Part 2 of Crown. Under cut for being NSFW. Wanton Wednesday is coming to an end – big thanks to Dangerous Lily for running it for two years – it was fun, for all three times I participated! Rebel is now taking up the reigns with Wicked Wednesday, something I can definitely get behind, and that will be kicking off from next week.

And I fibbed. This is going to be 3 parts. I didn’t mean to that, folks, honest, but I’m not going to get anything posted if I keep worrying about it! Check out Wicked Wednesday next week for Part 3. ;)

Wanton Wednesday

Read Part 1

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I recently had an unfortunate fall out with a friend. Well, ex-friend now. I won’t go into too many details, but the blow up was sparked after this person having made a couple of comments that made it clear they did not like that I wrote erotica. In amongst the many things that were said (and there were many, many things said, on both sides), the idea came up that I don’t handle criticism well, and was defensive about the writing that I do because, deep down, I wasn’t sure that I really believed it was ok to be writing erotica.

It got me thinking about the different kinds of criticism that people involved in creative pursuits, if they take them seriously, have to deal with. And, of course, how I handle it.

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Cut for NSFW, F/m piece. Part 1 of 2. It’s a shame Wanton Wednesday is finishing in a few weeks time, just as I was planning to start having a go of it! Oh well, let’s make this one and the next count for something. ;)

Wanton Wednesday

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My First Spanking Book Cover

I’ve posted this on Facebook and on Twitter, but worth whacking up a blog post too. My First Spanking, edited by Cassandra Park, features my short story ‘It’s Gonna Hurt’. It’s a sweet (but sharp 😉 ) tale of Kira who breathless tells Orlando what she really wants to do is spank him, and the outcome of that confession. Was fun writing it, and was a delight to have it accepted. Was pleased as well that once again I’m published along side Clarice Clique and Maxine Marsh, both of whom were also in Erotica Apocrypha. There is something quite nice about seeing your name alongside the same people again – not sure quite what that is, but it’s nice.

The anthology can be purchased at: Ravenous Romance, and Amazon UK. And you can read an extract on this site here.

And while I’m in plugging mode, my story Fool’s Gold is available for purchase if you’ve not yet done so (and do read it too – it’s not so much a romp but trying for something a bit thoughtful about the nature of desire, memory, and fantasy – whether it works or not is up to you. :) )

In further news, last week I spent frantically hunched over the computer to get a submission done. It’s one that’s been in the back of my mind for a while now, and would have come out more slowly had I not had a sudden realisation that the due date was March rather than April! But boy, did the suddenly upon me deadline bring a few things into perspective. Most everything was dropped in order to get the story done, and it resulted in chest-pain (the doctor says it’s probably intercostal muscles complaining from being, guess what? stressed and hunched over) BUT I got the story done and it’s now in the queue waiting to be read. 11000 words in 7 days. Just shows what you can get done with a bit of focus (though next time I’d like to do without the chest pain because that was quite distressing). As a result it meant I did not finish Part 3 of my Eroticon posts, but now will do so. It seems ages after the fact, but it would also be a shame to leave the tale of the day unfinished. But am at least back in the realm of sanity now.

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It’s nice to be reassured that sometimes writing isn’t just putting down the words. It’s also the time taken to think and consider and wonder why the hell this story you’re working on right now just lacks a certain something. Turns out the past few hours or so I’ve had shifting words about, being a little distracted by other things, and tapping my fingers to my temple were more fruitful than I first thought. Found the missing ingredient. Now to go back and incorporate the damn thing. Will make the piece longer than I anticipated, but not that much longer, and probably worth it in the end. Nice what just one additional bit of plot can do for you. I think I may put this one aside for the afternoon though and focus on something due at the end of the month. (Actually, that would be a very wise idea – end of the month is fast upon us!)

Also, I have finally sorted out the cross-posting between here (the WordPress blog itself), Tumblr, Dreamwidth, and Twitter. So am very pleased about that. Saves me a lot of copy and paste jobs I was doing before. ;) Which leaves Facebook, but I kind of prefer posting the link straight there so that one little thing is fine.

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More from ‘Water and Dust’.

Continued from here

Marc looked back at Brendan, whose eyes were still on the sky.


Brendan indicated back onto their land with his head. “This way.”

As the dogs settled back to their post, Marc followed Brendan into the trees, he said, “We should be getting back.”

Without turning, Brendan said, “For who?”

Continue reading

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Stream by Monet's House

Ah wow, it's been too long since I blogged here, and now's the time to rectify that. Well, I hope. I always tell myself each new year 'I must blog more, I must blog more'. I've made a couple of decisions about my online interaction that should hopefully make that easier. I think I've been spreading myself too thin for what I can manage. So that's one thing for the new year.

More beneath cut )
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Fool's Gold Cover

Well, folks, it’s up! Stunningly I’ve already had one sale at Smashwords, and that was without any advertising at all. So if you’re up for a sexy, mysterious, and a touch contemplative pirate tale, here it is, Fool’s Gold.

Blurb: When Anne Delahaye, captain of the pirate ship the Merriment, is lead to a chest of coins with unusual markings, she assumes that she’s been cheated. But when she learns that the coins may be the key to a strange cave where desires become reality, she goes to find out for herself. What she finds there brings up memories and desires of a life she thought was gone…an erotic short story of pirates, treasure, and memories lost and found.

Word count: 5400.

Current sites for purchase (soon available in many other places):

Smashwords – USD 0.99 in various downloadable formats, including PDF, ePub, and Mobi.

Amazon.com – USD 0.99

Amazon.co.uk – GBP 1.14

Amazon.de – EUR 1.14

Amazon.fr – EUR 1.14

See it also on Goodreads.com

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Fool's Gold Cover

On this writing break (which I, er, cough, haven’t quite managed to make a pure break, as I did do a wee bit of writing over the weekend – bad Jacqui…) part of the idea was to have a think about how I was getting my writing out in the world. So I thought I’d give the self-publishing thing a shot. Though first, an important query – what do people think of the cover? Be honest – if you think it doesn’t work let me know (would rather know that now before heading over and uploading to Smashwords and Amazon), and am always happy to hear suggestions.

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The anthology has been attracting some notice, which is lovely. So far, the following reviews have been posted. Very encouraging!

Review by Kitty StrykerThe desires in “Erotica Apocrypha” are both primal and divine, and they will captivate and enchant you. But beware when the gods come to seduce you… you may not get out alive.

Review by LJ LaBarthe – LJ reviews each story individually, but of mine she writes: I am so glad to see this here. This is Perun and Veles and their ongoing struggle. Beautifully written and very hot.

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Girl on subway platform reading - photo by moriza

So yesterday I came to a slightly odd decision. No fiction writing for a month. Planning, plotting, a bit of research, yes, I will do that, but as to fiction writing, no.

But hang on, some might think, isn’t this Nanowrimo month? Where all the world’s would-be writers get together for a gigantic word producing mass of fun, stress, and creativity?

Well, yes. And I wish anyone doing it the very best of luck with it, for I do believe it is one of the most invigorating, draining, and creatively stimulating things you can do as a writer, particularly when you are starting out and are just not sure if you can even produce that amount of words.

So what the hell am I doing by taking this time to not.

There are a few reasons for this. I didn’t have the greatest of Octobers (several personal things happened which I won’t go into here). On Where the hell my writing is going has been weighing on my mind for a while now, both in relation to what the hell kind of writer I want to be and what on earth is going on with the publishing industry and where will I fit into all of that. Trying to just bloody well focus on one project at a time, rather than heading off into several directions (and then, by extension, not completing things. And that really doesn’t feel great.) And to be honest, part of me gets a bit of a kick out of doing something a little against the grain. 😉

Ultimately I think what I want is a bit of a reset. See if the act of ordering myself not to put pen to paper (and that’s fine for the mid-week now when I’m working, but I suspect come the weekend I’ll get a little more angsty and want to do so) bears some of it’s own fruits. In the meantime, I’ve got books to read that I’ve been meaning to read for ages, and various little bits and bobs to do about the place. Am going to be posting various links about writing and Nano on my tumblr for the month, things for others to read that may be of use, stuff to get me thinking as well. And maybe blogging and writing reviews. But no fiction. Will be intrigued to see how this plan will work out come 1st December!

Photo by moriza under creative commons license

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