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Well, here I am then. :)

I was fully expecting to have to pay for an account, but rather nicely, because I'd signed on using OpenID earlier in the week, I was very kindly delivered on yesterday. However, because I do want to support Dreamwidth, and I want my old Livejournal mood theme back, and want to add more links to the main page, I likely will be paying for space in the near future, once they/I get issues around PayPal sorted out.

So, what am I going to do here? The plan is to update this semi-regularly with posts about life in the UK (having just moved here at the beginning of March); how my writing is going; and whatever else takes my fancy. Book/film/TV reviews, rants, opinions, links, that sort of thing. It's been a long time since I blogged with any regularity, and I've missed it.

So, to start with: Script Frenzy. The aim of Script Frenzy is to write 100 pages of a script of any relevant format of your choosing (film, play, radio play, TV show, comic book script, etc.) within 30 days. This is the second or third year it has happened, and this year, I gave it a shot, and....


Script Frenzy 2009

Lesson learned:
Breaks of a couple of days at a time aren't going to cause stress. But breaks for a week or more will. My housemates can attest to me burbling about having a week to spare and 50 pages to go.

But I got there. I didn't actually finish the script (I'm at the point of 'villain is holding one of our hero's hostage and now the rest of the gang are setting out to rescue them') so that will be my plan over the next week.

Tonight I'm heading off for a Scottish Country Dancing ball. Am pleased to report that there is a very active dance community in Cambridge, though I've been not so actively involved yet because I unfortunately managed to catch two colds after arriving here, as friends who I met up in Manchester over Easter can attest to (having passed it on to one of them. Sorry dear!)

Right now, the sun is out, so I'm going to go for walk before coming back to figure out how to get to the location of the ball.


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