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Yarr, shiver me timbers! It be my birthday on the merry autumn day...but avast! Be them clouds I see on the horizon? *shakes sword at the sky*

Be introducing me fellow crew members: this be Mr Jeremy Irons, and this here is the lovely Twiggy, fellow mistress of the pen Ms Tanith Lee...and ah yes, Mr Adam West (he needed some convincing with me trusty sword to put the costume of the Bat on.)

Ah, and here be our spirits, raised from the dead to accompany us; Mr Brian Epstein and, gifted with her magnificent set of pipes, Mama Cass. Yarr, my other crew are a bit nervous of such spirits *grabs Mr Irons to stop him from scrambling over the side of the boat* but fear not, we are all here for the same purpose.

Crew members, you say? Well, yes, they have been press ganged into service, but those looks of terror will soon subside as we set sail for a cruise around the cape to be celebrating our birthdays. That is right, it indeed be *our* birthdays, and I thought I'd celebrate it collectively, in style. I have prepared the rum, the wine, the hearty legs of mutton, the rock-hard biscuits, and soon we will be feasting on the high seas.

*Jacqui pushes off from shore, while the 'crew' behind her quietly huddle together, slightly terrified*

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