Jul. 25th, 2012 09:59 pm
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Ramparts of Saint-Malo

We’ve been in Saint-Malo for two days. The first we spent on one side of the Walled City, traipsing around a headland. As always at the coast, I’m reminded of where I spent my teenage years. Photo below is particular reminiscent for me of home. Above is the ramparts of the Walled City, which you can walk around, and is surrounded by marinas and beaches. I tend to find something to grab onto, something for inspiration for writing, particularly historical places – certainly had it in Mont Saint-Michel, the dragons and dragon slayer not withstanding (no, I don’t need to write a time-slip story featuring a medievael monk and a pre-revolution prisoner, thank you very much! No, I really don’t…shut up brain). Here… I’m really just enjoying the weather, the colours, the sea and sky, the beachy aspects of it. My sister and I dipped our toes in the water – my mother told us we made steady progress down the beach, and were immediately stilled when the cold water rushed over our feet. And it was chilly, but I got used to it. Just so nice to back with this for a while.

We were pointed to a very nice seafood restaurant where we ate twice – really nice waiter working there, who also rescued my camera and phone when I stupidly wafted out of there without them!

View of the sea at Saint-Malo

Seagull at Saint-Malo

Oh, and these seagulls? HUGE!

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