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Mayday poster

A girl on a bike in a flowing dress, decked in flowers, cycles through town, passing (apart from a troupe of Morris dancers) four men with sinister stares. When the girl, Hattie Sutton, goes missing, her absence from the May Day parade as May Queen conspicuous and troubling, we know one of these four is to blame. The question Mayday asks is which one, and why.

Rather than this being a question for the police, it is one put to four family members of these men – wives, brothers, sons. “You’d know if someone you loved killed someone,” Hattie dark-haired twin sister Caitlin says in the first episode. This is the thematic crux of the show – how much do we know about the people who are, supposedly, closest to us. And indeed, how much do we know about ourselves and what we are capable of when pushed to the edge. The four sets of suspects/suspicious family members all reveal themselves in surprising, shocking ways you did not anticipate from the outset of the show. I really did like this as a concept – a very unusual way of setting up a mystery.

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Aidan Gillen

Decided to try a new series on my blog, which I’m calling ‘Gentlemen of Intriguing Appearance.’ This is the name of one of my Pinterest boards (here), and after trying a number of other names for the series (Man Monday, Men of Intrigue, Collection of Sexy Beasts… ok, I just made that last one up) I decided I kind of liked the one I had already. Besides, it is an accurate description of what male attractiveness means for me. It’s rare I’m slammed with an immediate response to someone; rather, something will pique my interest – a particular expression, the way their hair falls, how their face looks in profile (oh that’s a big one for me in fact!), a quirk of the mouth. Something very, well, intriguing.

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