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With the publication of 'Red by the River' imminent, I decided it was high time that I gave my blog a little bit of a scrub and actually make it look vaguely like a writer's blog, rather than just a place where I ramble on about things occasionally.

So, there has been a change in the colour scheme, a shiny new default icon (how I love Stoppard), links on the sidebar to make navigation easier (for me as much as a visitor), and a few master posts as well. It felt slightly strange - it's like I'm putting myself out there somehow, and it feels a little like bragging about nothing too much (not like I've actually published the novel or anything) but I think getting the set-up right now is probably a good way to go, and can be built on later.

In other news, went to a great Halloween party last night (the hosts decorated the place brilliantly and the food was delish, and have learnt a nifty way of making edible eyeballs), and got through another Ladies' Step Dancing class (teacher said my pivot turns were looking very nice, so yay! Now just for more turnout and consistently pointing toes...as usual.)

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