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Hermes cover
This is a short story I had published in the University of Sydney literary magazine, Hermes, back in 2004. My first ever fiction publication, which was pretty exciting, and I got some prize money for it too. :) I still have the dress I bought with that money too…

Note: It isn’t erotica (gasp!) and there is an act of animal cruelty.

Word count: 1800


They lived in a house by the ocean, and on the weekends, when Liliana and Gabriel didn’t have to go to school, Seth and Janey sometimes let them go down to the beach and play. This day, when Seth had told them it was alright, they squealed wildly.

Janey rubbed some white sunscreen into their backs. “Now remember-”

“Put the sun-scream on every hour,” Gabriel said, eyes rolling.

Liliana laughed. “Its sunscreen, not sunscream, you silly.” Gabriel blushed a little.

Under their feet, the sand was so hot that they had to skip and hop down to the water. Liliana ran around in circles, pretending to be a bird, while Gabriel slowly padded down to the water’s edge.

“Dueling Game!” Liliana declared, standing ready with the eucalyptus branch she’d torn off the tree earlier that morning. Gabriel nodded, but his arm shook as he held his much thinner branch against hers.

Each time, Liliana won.

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