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So I head up the stairs, into the reception. Gotta say, Armada House was a perfect location. Edwardian building but purposely designed as a conference venue, and it shows. Having done events back home and here where you have to adapt a venue to your needs, be it an anime festival, a speaker session with lunch, or a dance, being somewhere catered to the needs was really good. Spacious so we could move about freely, but not cavernous that you got lost, with beautiful interiors (seriously, look at the lobby in this link here – I love the carving of the torso and arm holding a rapier on the wall by the staircase).

But I digress. Picked up name tag and goody bag, and what a lovely swag it was too – three paperbacks, discount vouchers, and some nice toys from sponsors Love Honey by way of a little vibrator and a satin blindfold, and a delightful little book of sex tips – that came in a satin bag and I have to confess I was expecting and wanting chocolate when I felt the shape! But am certainly not complaining.

(And now for a cut as I’m verbose, it turns out.)

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