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I keep meaning to update this with something meaningful or at least more descriptive about what's been happening with me, and I have a rather large chunk of text with what's been happening over the past few weeks, but for the moment I'm just going to report on how my writing is going.

Last week I finally finished the first draft of the screenplay for Script Frenzy. In the end it was 111 pages (well, 112 if you include the title page). To say it needs an overhall is an understatement. I think it would would work better as a miniseries then a film, mainly because there are many characters and I want to allow each of their stories to be told. But have put it aside for now. I'm happy that the core of what I want to tell of that is out on paper and not in my head.

I'm finding that that's one of the things that feels really good about writing; getting it out of my mind and into some sort of coherent form. Which is probably why I've been stressing a bit about not posting; all these thoughts, and they aren't out there yet!

Had a chat with A last week about how I should actually be going about the practical everyday reality of writing. I told him that I was getting frustrated that I'd go to work, come home with all these plans of what I would write, but just couldn't do it. He suggested that perhaps I actively not write on my work days (which are, unless otherwise arranged, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and only do it on my non-work days. This made sense, and I have tried to stick to it this week (okay, I cheated a little and took a few notes for ideas, but aside from that I was not writing!) Apart from anything else, that was kind of the idea of having a three day a week job, so you know, it makes sense to do it this way....

The plan, which has worked so far this week, has been to write several hundred words of a couple of projects a day. Obviously, the Dragon Novel is there, but I'm also working on a couple of short stories. The reason for that is I want to start working on getting a publication record sooner than the novel will be done. Because the Dragon Novel? I'm in for the long haul on this one. The plan has so far worked, and I think I've been slightly giddy and my head has been a bit elsewhere as a result of it.

(Have also been watching Dollhouse, which has messed with my head a bit...)

Happy news: A and I celebrated our one year anniversary last week. Him with dinner, me with breakfast, and with the wonderful aid of Skype, had a meal together. His idea. :) Ah, technology!

Speaking of that, I have a new mobile. Considering that I bought my current/first ever mobile back in 2003 (when I went into the 3 store when I first got to Cambridge the girls working there stared at in awe as if it were a museum piece, and asked if it had snakes on it and if they could have a play. When I went in on Wednesday to actually buy a phone, I had a nearly identical conversation with the guy who sold this one to me...tis probably a miracle it has lasted this long.)

Saw the reboot of Star Trek on Monday, which I enjoyed thoroughly. It don't think it gives too much away to say that J.J. Abrams was able to put his own stamp on it while acknowledging the original series. The cast I thought was well chosen, and the script written as such that they each got their own chance to shine. (And there was a kiss I completely melted at. That hasn't happened for a bloody long time when watching a film.)

Hmm, ok so there was more than just writing in this post. Oh well.

Now off to collapse on the couch with a book.

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