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Record of Teaching Practice has been sent off via email, hard copies will be in the post by Monday, and I'm overall pretty happy with it. There is a vague chance RSCDS HQ might ask for it to be re-submitted, but fingers crossed it will be ok...I'm hoping acknowledging that my lesson plans are a little bit sparse and that I should pay better attention to what music I use will compensate for them wanting more details on the music...

The other good news is my cold is subsiding. I spent most of the afternoon/evening in bed yesterday, partly just trying to keep warm and party because I wasn't in the mood to do much of anything. It appears to have done me good. Nose is no longer dripping like a tap and I'm definitely feeling a bit perkier. The self-medication of strepsils (supplied by house mate), lemsip, tea, and bovril seems to have worked, despite the lack of appetite (tis nearly 4pm, and I have only eaten some bread, but I suspect food will seem appealing later this evening).

I do have photos of the snow, but my Facebook account is being funny and doesn't seem to want to let me share things with people who aren't on it...does this link work for anyone who isn't on there?

Snow in Cambridge

Else I might post them to photobucket or the like if that fails.

Right...more tea or bovril is in order now I think.

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