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Gah! Finally getting back to the updates! Really want to get this done before the end of January (doing a 2009 retrospective in Feb 2010 would be a bit pathetic...)

The short story on my travelling: I managed to see a wee bit of England and other parts of Europe in the earlier part of the year, but was a bit more located at home for the later half. Hope to do more this year, with plans for Ireland on the cards as well as Madrid.

Long story...see below (cuts for length as well as several pictures).

(Note: I wrote the bit of Florence way back when I was just back from there, hence it is a bit longer than most.)

In England: London, Manchester, Stroud, High Wycombe, Statford-on-Avon, Suffolk and Essex )

Paris and Surrounds )

Florence )

And then the rest of the year I was a wee bit skint, so I kept mostly to Cambridge. :)

I have more pictures of all these places, and if you're on Facebook you can see them all, but I'm trying to figure out how to get a nifty one-stop place for my pics so everyone can see them without too much hassle...something to think about for Feb.

Next and final 2009 in review: Writing

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