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Life has returned to regular programming, at least for the next few days. Then next weekend will be the dancing exam...but I'll not ramble about that. I get the assignment on Wednesday, and then the exam is on Saturday afternoon. Nearly there, nearly there...

Today was my regular day off, and after doing little else in the morning except a small load of washing and catching up with my Media Watch vodcasts, I managed to have a semi-productive afternoon, with letters sent, overdue rent paid, the overgrown hedge in the garden cut back (the bench is now clearly visible again - my horticulturalist neighbour tells me the hedge is called 'vigorous'. I believe her), and the Reel Club finances sorted out, I'm feeling pretty alright about life organising stuff. Of course, when I opened up my To Do list program, it reminded me about the half-dozen (or more like that doubled...twice) other things I need to do, but I think once I've fed myself tonight I can knock a few more things off the list. Like the minutes for the last Branch committee meeting...hmm. We hope.

One thing I'm definitely going to be doing more once the exam is done is look more at where my writing in general is going. With summer as well, there are fewer classes, so I'll have a bit more time to devote to that. A bit more time to get organised for the next year (still trying to get my head around the major break/holiday period being smack bang in the middle of the year and not at the ends of it, effectively thinking of the year starting in September). I hope.

Sorry, self-indulgent rambling about inconsequential stuff. Sometimes it's good to just natter about nothing.

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Sep. 12th, 2009 08:24 am
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Had an afternoon of tidying yesterday, after frittering away the morning online. Very much needed, though; the shelves in my room desperately needed a dust and the floor a vacuum. Even vacuumed the upstairs bathroom (it's carpeted, something that still strikes me as a little odd...)

Am really liking Tumblr. My small pile of links that I had stored on my Firefox tool bar have now actually made their way online. Next step of online activity is to get the links to the blogs I read on to DW. Unfortunately, there is no easy way of uploading and sorting them, so it will be a small project to get that done.

I really need to get back to the short story I finished last month. Reading back over my blog it has indeed been a month since I've looked at it, so now is definitely the time to start rewriting (and indeed it will be rewriting - cosmetic changes to the grammar, spelling and sentence structure are still a little way off yet.) Today I will read over it and take notes, make sure it is salvageable in the first place! :)

Right, had breakfast, better get on with the day.

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