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It's currently the season to celebrate Dreamwidth's first anniversary. This is being aided by [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw, where the idea is that whatever you create for the festival is only posted on Dreamwidth. This can be fiction, art, essays, icons, anything at all - as long as it stays on Dreamwidth.


I've had the vestiges of two vauge plots bubbling in my head of late. One I've been tossing about since late last year, whilst the other came out of my last holiday in Madrid and Brides-les-Bain (French Alps, for reference). Maybe two weeks back I had an idea to merge them, but was somewhat resistent to do so. Why? Frankly, fears that it lacked originality, would be terribly predictable, somewhat morally bankrupt, too unbelieveable, just plain silly, etc.

Then yesterday I said to myself, 'fuck it, run with it. Worse case scenario; nobody likes it.'

Trouble is, I only wanted it to last for the length of the challenge. Then I started thinking about it more, and got mugged by a plot that went and now it's almost fully formed itself in my mind. Which I did not intend to happen, but it turns out, my brain don't like brevity. (As this post should attest to...) It's clearly going to last longer than the challenge, but I may as well use it as an excuse to start it.

So starting from tonight (when I finish the introduction) I'm going to be posting the work every few days. Think of it being like Nanowrimo with a bit more care taken, but don't expect something polished or typo/other errors free. That said, I'll happily take constructive critism (not flames; I'm sure you folks know the difference) either in comments or privately. Encouragement though is also nice.

Please note: With the idea that this is only to be posted on DW in mind, I've turned off the system that exports my entries to Facebook, and will only be posting this entry as a link on Facebook. Not that the export settings are working as they should (grumble grumble), but in keeping with the principle of it, I'm doing that anyway. So folks; either learn to use your RSS feeds, or get a DW account. It is free, but requires an invite code - I have one, but can easily get more, or show you where to get more.

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