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After thinking I would not really be going anywhere for holidays this years (which doesn't worry me, as it's nice just have non-work downtime in Cambridge), wound up having an opportunity to have a weekend in Edinburgh. A colleague had tickets she could no longer use, and what's more, they were first class tickets. A brilliant deal first class tickets. I leapt on the chance, as I do like Edinburgh very much.

So bright and early Saturday morning S and I hauled ourselves up to Peterborough for the Edinburgh train. The train times were only a fraction disappointing as our journeys being Saturday morning and Monday afternoon meant we missed hot lunch options and booze on the weekends, but really, I'm not complaining about complimentary sandwiches, tea, soft drink, crisps, and cakes! And the leg room. And the proper tables we had. Something I could too easily get used to.

We were exceedingly lucky with the weather we had - not typically Scottish at all. Sometimes overcast, yes, but there were long stretches of sun, and there was only some rain at night when we were already indoors. So thank you Scotland for being kind to us while we were there.

I'd already been to the city before, but S hadn't, so it was up to the castle on Sunday for a long wander through there. I managed to see some of the parts I'd missed the first time around, and there is a lot to see up there. We managed to exhaust ourselves by walking the length of the Royal Mile, before going on foot back to our guest house. As a result we lazed for a few hours in our room before heading out for dinner.

Food wise; we possibly over did it on the hagis (S and I are both fans); we had it in really tasty starter at Howie's on Saturday night, placed in a filo pastry dish and drizzled with plum sauce, then for breakfast at the guest house, and then me for lunch at the pub and S on his Balmoral chicken...so we had Thai for the Sunday night, place called Leven's which was very good indeed (excellent service; I suspect much of the attention was because it was late and we were the only ones in there, though you got a sense this was what they did in general.)

Monday was our day to travel back. We organised to meet A for coffee, and made our way up to Carlton Hill, something I've wanted to do each time I've been to Edinburgh. Stunning views of the whole city and the Firth of Forth. Met A for a coffee and catch up and then made it to our train for the journey back.

It was a brief dash through the city, but I do like the place very much. I love how the gardens sit in the gorge where the train station also is, separating the new from the old town. The combination of the Gothic and the Georgian is great, and I like being able to see the sea (even though you need to get to a height to do it.) Next time going I definitely want to see Holyrood Palace and look more at Arthur's Seat. Assuming there will be a next time. Which I hope there is. :)

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