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Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

A short piece, 1300 words approx, f/m. Art and painting is the theme (which I seem to come back a lot I have to say…)

Blue photograph with eye lash and teardrop

He made himself cry for her. Not sob, nor weep and wail, but cry, silently, with tears running down his face.

She took photographs while he did. She had him sit on a stool in front of the blue egg-shell wall in her kitchen, made him take his shirt off. First middle distance, so she could capture his chest, concaved a little as he hunched, his shoulders rolled forward as his hands were kept between his knees – she asked that he didn’t touch his face, rub his eyes (later he would tell her that was the hardest part of it, not to wipe himself to keep himself neat and tidy.) The kitchen was warm, so his nipples remained soft as rose buds under his chest hair.

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Paolo Uccello's St George and the Dragon
Paolo Uccello's St George and the Dragon, 1458 - 1460

So today, other than being the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, is of course St George’s Day (wikipedia has a decent summary of him in relation to the dragon legend.) Which strikes me, in terms of what I’m looking at with dragons, as an odd way to celebrate them, for this is a tale about their defeat, one that has enduring popularity; we do not hear much about St George for how he was martyred (torture on a wheel), but the dragon slaying is iconic, in both the original sense of the word (he as loved by the Orthodox Churches as he is Western Christianity) and in the modern meaning (knight on a horse with a dragon beneath – you can have it in silhouette and you’ll know it’s St George and the Dragon.)

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Have thus far had a pretty lazy time in Madrid. Spent a lot of time in my sister's apartment, just hanging about, reading, talking, etc. I haven't seen her since October though so this has been rather lovely. I think I left the house once on Friday in the evening, sister showing me around the area she lives in, which is about 15 minutes walk from Sol, what's considered the city centre.

We did plan to go to Toledo on Saturday, but the weather turned out not to be so great, so we stayed in again till the afternoon when we went for another walk down towards the river. I joked that she'd taken me the scenic route - the first part of the walk, shall we say, did not show the prettiest parts of Madrid. The river, Manzanares, was nothing much to comment on, but there was some work around the bridge we went to which looked like it might be rather nice when it's finished.

The rain then caught up with us and we trundled up past the palace, me under my broken brolly, which was soon replaced by a bloke selling them on the street, taking advantage of the weather change. Then we had some tasty churros in exceedingly busy place where the wait staff piled the cups of chocolate and plates up so high that you worried they might topple over if the customers hadn't moved out of the way in time.

We met up that evening with M, who is doing the dancing exam with me, and her sisters (we all just happened to be in Madrid for this weekend) for a very nice paella and sangria (sister and I will be having the leftovers of this for food later tonight). An early night intended, sister and I attended up chatting till after 2 and crawling out of bed around 12.30 today. Very well rested, we trotted over to the Museo del Prado to take advantage of the free entry from 5-8pm on a Sunday. We had a good look at the first floor, before deciding to come back another evening to see the second floor (again, free entry 6-8pm on weekdays). My user icon is from this painting by Federico de Madrazo y Kuntz, which we saw at the gallery and featured in a lot of the gallery products.

I managed to find a magnet of a painting of St Michael (San Miguel here); naturally, he's slaying a dragon. ;)

Now off for drinks with a friend of my sisters.

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