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It is cold, and I am sick. Sitting in the house with several layers on and two scarfs wrapped around my neck, and my fingers are a little bit chilly as I sit at the computer. Hello British winter, and where the hell did summer go? I understood before on an intellectual level why European rushed for the sunlight during the mid-year months, but I think I'm beginning to grasp that as an actuality now.

The good news is that I have finally finished my workbook (short name for the much more official 'Record of Teaching Practice') for the dancing exam. Not yet sent off (having to wrangle scanning forms and signing them with my teacher/mentor) but it is done - well, perhaps she'll have comments on it so I'll have to wait and see. Tonight I think will be spent reading some bits and bobs I have here that I've wanted to but have put off to get this thing done. Including the days I have missed for A Christmas Carol. One of the nice things about the small chunks is that it allows for an easier catch up than making promises to read a chapter day - which tends to fail pretty quickly if even one chapter is missed!

Now off to get a cup of tea and not feel sorry myself and my blocked yet sniffly nose...

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