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Well, it was bound to happen – missed days of both blogging and of words and of Nanolomo. This is partly a function of the missing days being my work days (and a dance teaching evening as well) – but also partly laziness. The words I can feel… kind of ok about, because they don’t have to be an everyday thing, but I wonder how I could have better managed the posts and reviews. Planning and scheduling I think would have been the way. Since I can schedule posts after all, I could have done a few ahead of time and that way made the whole process easier.

Once I would have felt bad about not having perfectly completed the month, and just thrown in the towel, not have bothered with continuing to post for the rest of the month. These days, I figure perfection is a touch over-rated. So, back onto the wagon for me, and hopefully with more foreplanning for next week’s work days.

At any rate, the Nano website reckons I just need to write 1700 words daily anyway to hit the goal on time, but I’d still rather catch up tomorrow. Perhaps though I can manage just a double hit rather than a triple – 5100 words in a single day is a rather lot! Doable, but may be not sensible. ;)

Am still enjoying the process of discovering the characters, new ones especially. I have a feeling I might have to add another fight into the final act, but I wonder if that might be contorting the plot into being something it isn’t. Well, still got some time before I get to that point.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

So to back-track a bit on the planned meme (and really, I might just grab things from it as the mood takes me), and perhaps to save me a bit of typing, I’ll talk about one of my favourite quotes.

Wherever I am on this earth, I am and shall always be a resident alien.
- Quentin Crisp

Actually, sod talking about it, I’m just going to let it stand as it is. ;)

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Today was better for writing. Much better. I was reminded by someone on Facebook that it focusing on the word count is probably not the way to go, but to focus on keeping writing. It was a useful tip. With me also, I kind of need a scene to do, and I really need to have a structure to follow for that scene. I’m only capable of a limited amount of ‘pantsing’ in terms of the plot; I cannot really write a scene with confidence, even for just bulking up words, without a direction. So today, I picked a scene, and before writing it in Scrivener, used the card function to write dot points on what I wanted the scene to be. I didn’t finish the scene, for as I wrote, I got other ideas for the novel and breaked from it to write those bits of scene down too. All of it goes to the word count, though, and now, I have a fuller scene to finish off, and more ideas for the plot. Which I figure must be a good thing.

NaBloPoMo November 2012

Favourite film is the meme request for the day. Well, this is a slightly hard one. I’ve had myself a little list of favourite films since high school, which has become a little meaningless as the number of films I love has grown, and also my tastes have shifted.

Lawrence of Arabia Theatrical Poster

But to pick one for the purposes of this meme, I’m going with Lawrence of Arabia. (If you know the film, you’ll probably be cringing at my contorted post title…)

This year is the 50th anniversary of Lawrence’s release. I remember when I first saw it thinking that 1962 seemed like a long time ago, but not quite so long. 50 though puts things into perspective. I was telling a friend last night that I watched it at a rather young age; 12, or 13 (but that might have been conservative. I suspect it was actually 11). And on the face of it, it is something you could show a kid that age relatively safely. This was the 60s, when films trod the line of subtly through suggestion, knowing glances, and fade to black. Undoubtedly these days the infamous whipping Lawrence experiences in Deraa would have been shown in fullness, complete with the rape he described in his book Seven Pillars of Wisdom (which I have yet to read, and one day, really ought.)

Lawrence of Arabia Poster for DVD

The film is anything if safe, though. It depicts war, battle, harrowing decisions made on a personal level, and the calculating politicking of the powers that held sway in the Middle East during WWI. It has very human passion, even if Lawrence doesn’t come out of it at the end as especially likeable, and watching for the first time, he was one of the more unusual characters I’d thus far encountered, I somehow felt akin to him. Which probably doesn’t speak so well of me, but there you go. It wasn’t just O’Toole’s performance either that was striking – Omar Sheriff brings what I think is the real heart to the film. Perhaps these days we wouldn’t have very English actors like Alec Guinness with some enhancing make-up playing Arabs, or the Mexican Anthony Quinn’s for that matter, but there are far worse examples of cross-racial casting out there.

Of course, I could just be saying all of this to disguise my adolescent crush on Peter O’Toole in this film… I mean seriously, those blue, blue eyes… and those cheekbones…

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