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Branding iron in a coal fire

Branding – a bit extreme for this writer?

Sorry to disappoint any of the folks who are looking at the title and thinking I’m going to be discussing branding as a kink. No, I’m going to be looking at this idea of the author brand.

The idea of having a ‘brand’ is an oft-discussed topic online – particularly in reference to the blogging world, and no where more so these days with more and more writers joining the internet to self-promote, because that’s the way it’s all going these days, isn’t it? The basic idea is that you have something distinct to market your writing, something that you can pinpoint to to find the essential kernel of what makes it your work.

For me, I’ve always been a fraction resistant to this, and a little suspicious. One, marketing still feels a little strange for me (the tension between doing it to reach people and doing it for financial gain bodes uneasily). Two, and perhaps more importantly for me, I really had no clue what my author brand is or feels like. (Note, I think I have a bit more of a clue now.)

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