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Writer cliche approaching...I think I need some fingerless gloves. I can keep most of my body warm in the house but over the past few days my hands have been getting a little bit chilly...*adds to to-do list*

Over the next week and a bit I'm going to be working on a project for Kammerklang, which involves me writing text for a composer to put in someway to music. The composer happens to be D., a high school friend who I did Tournament of Minds with years back, so it's great to be working with him again. After some ideas bounced back and forth, we've going to go with some themes from the Dragon novel. The chance to hear how someone else might musically express aspects of the novel is very exciting. I do need to get to work on it quite quickly, though, but perhaps the pressures of time will bring out something unexpected? We'll see.

Am trying to get a number of things done before work starts back on the 5th; emails, the year in review posts, other organisational things before the year really kicks off. I think my word for 2010 is going to be 'preparedness.' I tend to stumble from one project/event/chore/thing to another, and scrambling gets a little bit tiring and above all, stressful. I always tend to make 'be more organised' my New Year Resolution, but I wonder if approaching it from the mindset of 'preparedness' and also the idea of apply consistent pressure will work better.

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