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The Scent of Summer cover

The Scent of Summer is my upcoming erotic novella. It incorporates two typical fantasies – sleeping with the neighbour, and the age-old older man/younger woman scenario. Far from being a pure smutty story or a romance, The Scent of Summer instead seeks to explore how the heat of attraction can scorch as much as compel.


Home for summer, and left alone in her family home, Suvi is about to settle into holiday reading when she sees, across her garden and onto her neighbours’ verandah, a man she doesn’t recognise. She wants him at once, but being 19, and him close to her father’s age, she doubts he’ll think the same.

Johann, visiting his friends the Parkers from Vienna, loves the Australian summer. Especially with an enticing young woman lounging about in the garden next door. But under Mick Parker’s eye, and knowing the girl is unlikely to respond to his advances, he will not act on his desires.

When chance conspires, and Suvi and Johann are left alone, the cool of Australian beaches, the heat of summer, and hot lust cannot be denied. Nor can the realisation that what Suvi wants and Johann wants are vastly different, and that the steamiest sex and desire can also burn people to the core.

This entry is part of August Alfresco. Please see details at the bottom of this post for how to participate. Meanwhile, you can read an excerpt: applying sun screen has never been so enticing…

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Date: 2013-08-27 11:32 pm (UTC)
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Congrats on new novella! ^.^

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